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This web page is an index to articles appearing in periodicals of interest to historical wargamers. If you wish to add to it or make corrections, send E-mail to the maintainer listed below.

You may also want to check out the Article Index to White Dwarf Magazine. This listing of articles from White Dwarf magazine includes material for such games as Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

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Subject List

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The Index

Campaign Rules

Fantastic Inspirations
How to start and run a fantasy campaign
Miniature Wargames 144, 1 page

Figure Reviews

15mm Fantasy Mindugulph
from Ral Partha
Miniature Wargames 149, capsule
25mm Fantasy: All Things Dark and Dangerous
from Ral Partha
Miniature Wargames 149, capsule
25mm Fantasy Mages
from Ral Partha
Miniature Wargames 149, capsule
25mm Fantasy Ravenloft
from Ral Partha
Miniature Wargames 149, capsule
Fantasy Range (15mm)
from Irregular Miniatures
Miniature Wargames 141, capsule


The Blasted Heath
Pursue-the-kidnappers-and-rescue-the-hostage campaign (skirmish level)
Miniature Wargames 140, 4 pages (includes campaign map)
The End of Naire, Part I
Aiding a halfling community (skirmish level)
Miniature Wargames 154, 4 pages (includes campaign map)
Skirmish-level hunting campaign
Miniature Wargames 152, 4 pages (includes campaign map)
The Matengi Basin
Adventurers are shipwrecked in an unknown land (skirmish level)
Miniature Wargames 146, 4 pages (1 map)
Return to Clefton
Back to an evil island (skirmish level)
Miniature Wargames 147, 7 pages (2 maps)
Shrewsbury, Revisited and Refought
Includes rules for adding fantasy elements to this historical battle
Miniature Wargames 142, 4 pages (2 maps)
Systemless Scenarios III
A Goblin tower mini-campaign, and campaign ideas for wilderness hills
Miniature Wargames 143, 3 pages (2 maps)

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