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Book Reviews

Antietam 1862
Miniature Wargames 140, capsule
The Armies of U.S. Grant
The Courier 69, capsule
Armies of US Grant
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule

Figure Reviews

1st Corps 25mm ACW
The Courier 69, capsule
10mm ACW Fort Gun
from GHQ
Miniature Wargames 146 (reprinted in 152), capsule
20mm Imex Plastic ACW Figures
The Courier 68, capsule
25mm American Civil War Figures
from Falcon Figures
Miniature Wargames 149, capsule
Chariot Miniatures 10mm ACW
The Courier 64, capsule
GHQ 'Rebellion Miniatures' 10mm ACW
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule
GHQ Rebellion Miniatures 10mm ACW Figures
The Courier 68, capsule
Quartermaster 25mm ACW Figures
The Courier 68, capsule

Historical Background

The Mountain Howitzer in the American Civil War
Miniature Wargames 152, 2 pages


Across a Deadly Space/Kirby Smith's Confederacy
Review of these two scenario booklets, which are intended for use with Johnny Reb
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule
Expanding on Fire and Fury
Unofficial, optional rules
Miniature Wargames 148, 2 pages
Save the Guns - A Sword and the Flame variant for ACW artillery
Chickamauga artillery scenario with variant rules for TSATF
The Courier 69, 2 pages (1 map)
Volley & Bayonet Napoleonic Rules by GDW
game review
The Courier 68, capsule


Ball's Bluff
21st October 1861
Miniature Wargames 150, 2 pages (1 map)
The Battle of Big Bethel
10th June 1861
Miniature Wargames 145, 2 pages (2 maps)
The Battle of Olustee
Florida, February 20th, 1864
Miniature Wargames 139, 3 pages (2 maps)
The Battle of Secessionville
16th June 1862
Miniature Wargames 151, 2 pages (includes map, OB)
Catharine Furnace
Battle of Chancellorsville, 2nd May 1863
Miniature Wargames 153, 2 pages (1 map)
Cavalry Clash at Kelly's Ford, 17 March 1862
Wargames Illustrated 83, 2 pages
Clash at Bears Bridge
What-if, skirmish-level scenario set during the siege of Atlanta
Miniature Wargames 141, 2 pages
In Action with the Iron Brigade
The Battle of Brawner Farm, 1862
Miniature Wargames 144, 4 pages (2 maps)
Kelly's Ford, Virginia - 17th March 1863
Union cavalry raid
Miniature Wargames 142, 2 pages (1 map)
Marye's Heights, Fredericksberg
13th December 1862
Wargames Illustrated 140, 3 pages (1 map)
Ox Hill
29 August 1862 meeting engagement, intended for use with Fire & Fury rules
The Courier 68, 3 pages (1 map)
'Thar Comes Them Blackhats!'
Wargaming the Iron Brigade at Gettysburg, 1st July 1863
Wargames Illustrated 143, 5 pages (3 maps)

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