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Brief Description Glossy, professional magazine dedicated to miniatures, including coverage of science fiction and fantasy wargaming. Includes article summaries in French.
Size 56-page glossy magazine. Roughly one-fourth of the pages are in color, the rest in black-and-white.
Frequency Monthly
Subscriptions £30 (UK), £34 (Overseas Surface, Printed Paper Rate), £47 (Airmail).
Editor Iain Dickie
Publisher Pireme Publishing, Ltd

Military Wargames supports all genres of miniatures, primarily through publishing ready-to-play scenarios. A typical issue contains 4-6 such articles. For instance, recent issues have presented this variety --

Remember the Raisin! A two-part, seven-page article about the two battles at Frenchtown, during the War of 1812. Part One provided history and strategic maps, while Part Two gave the tabletop maps. Part One was illustrated with two large color photos, showing games in progress.
A Wargame Too Far? A two-part combined scenario-and- battle-report of a skirmish-level game based on Operation Market Garden (WWII). The author explains why he likes his homebrew rules. Three color photos, apparently posed rather than from games in progress.
The Battle of Olustee A battle from the American Civil War, set in Florida in 1864. About 5,000 troops per side. Four color photos showing figures posed as if in battle, revealing some great paint jobs. Four pages.
A Pill-Box With Walls Of Steel A 5-page skirmish-level scenario from WWI, pitting the crew of a crippled British tank versus a German machine-gun section. Custom rules provided.
The Cherokee Wars, 1759 to 1761 An overview of the southern Theatre of the French and Indian Wars, followed by scenarios for Lyttletons Expedition (a what-if situation pitting the Cherokees against a British encampment) and the Long Canes Massacre (a skirmish-level battle as mounted Cherokees attack a wagon train at a river ford). Seven pages, including two large color photos of Long Canes in progress, and two pages' worth of maps. (This was Part One; we haven't seen Part Two yet.)
On Bosworth Field A 3-page article about wargaming Richard III's death ride as a solitaire, skirmish-level game. (I found this article rather incomprehensible, even missing the Command Chart which allows the game to be played solo.) One large color photo, posed.
The River Luhe, 1626 A two-page Thirty Years War scenario that "...might, but probably didn't..." take place. (Whatever that means.) The outnumbered Danes under Christian IV must prevent the Imperialist (Catholic) force from crossing the river. No scale is provided for the map, though it is gridded into squares (1' squares?). Large color photo of a game in progress, "tidied up" for the camera (i.e., bases covered with flocking so you don't see them...).
Marye's Heights, Fredericksburg A 4-page scenario depicting Burnside's corps-level assault on Marye's Heights (American Civil War, Battle of Fredericksburg). Article includes tabletop map, and four large color photos (figures posed as if wargaming). The article provides statistics and special rules which are obviously intended for a specific rules system, though no rules system is mentioned. (For instance, a typical leader might be listed as "average, benefit 1, points 3," while regiments are listed in terms of figures rather than actual numbers of men.)
The Blasted Heath A skirmish-level fantasy scenario for any number of players, divided between Good (rescuers) and Evil (kidnappers). Each player initially controls one wizard, one hero, and ten soldiers, though random reinforcements are received at random locations as the game transpires. Special events occur at several map locations, should the players use various magical artifacts. The scenario is marred by the two Random Troop tables (left out) and the poorly explained map (I've finally deduced that the "T" stands for Tower, not the Temple which is at "F," and I have no idea what the "named house[s]" are).

Not every article is a wargames scenario, however. There are roughly three non-scenario articles in a typical issue of Military Wargames. A sprinking of recent non-scenario articles include --

Decision in the West Seven pages of information to help wargamers conduct the Langport Campaign (1645) from the English Civil War. The regiments on each side are listed, though the numbers of men per regiment are not given. (An average size is given for the Royalists, and an army total for the New Model Army.) The author suggests playing the campaign as a map game, then resolving the battles on the tabletop. Since the maps provided in the article do not show terrain, however, gamers will need to do a little more research before beginning play. Four large photos show 1/300-scale figures fighting the Battle of Langport.
The Fate of the IXth Legion A two-page humor piece (I think...) concerning the loss of the Roman IXth Legion. Includes large photo of Roman troops posed before an Airfix fort.
Battletar Galactica at Full Thrust This two-part, eight-page series provided rules for adapting the Full Thrust rules system to include the world of TV's Battlestar Galactica. A three-world campaign is provided. Five color photos provide some interesting ideas for a "space" ground cloth and for "planet stands."
Castle Sally A one-page article (with large color photo) on the construction of a basic castle in 15mm scale. The photo would have been more useful if it had also shown a 15mm figure, to provide a sense of scale. The technique of soaking felt in plaster to form a thatched roof was new to this reader.
A Corp Commanders' Assets A five-page article filling in gaps in the British army lists for the Korps Commander rules sytem. Includes data for vehicles not included in the published rules. Illustrated by three photos of WWII miniatures (oddly, the scale of the figures is not given).
The Breakup of the Russian Federation?? A six-page article providing the rules for a contemporary political game about Russia, for six or more players. An interesting article, though I'm not sure how it applies to miniature wargaming...

Each issue also contains several regular Features --

Book and Rule Review A one-page column of mini-reviews, written by a variety of authors.
Figure and Game Review Adrian Hussey's one-page column of mini-reviews, looking at new figures, terrain accessories, and rulebooks.
Reconnaissance Report Club and convention news (U.K.- centered). One page.

Summing it all up, Military Wargames is a professional magazine which provides a wide variety of gaming material, chiefly of the ready-to-play variety. If your tastes are wide-ranging (as are mine), you'll find something of interest in every issue.

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