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The Index


1/300 German WWII Transfers
from Trafalgar Models
Miniature Wargames 153, capsule

Book Reviews

America's Finest: U.S. Airborne Uniforms, Equipment and Insignia of WW2
Miniature Wargames 148, capsule
The Biggest Mistakes of WW2
The Courier 64, capsule
D-Day, 6th June 1944
Miniature Wargames 148, capsule
D-Day, the Invasion in Photographs
Miniature Wargames 148, capsule
The Devil's Adjutant
Jochen Peiper, Panzer Leader
Miniature Wargames 152, capsule
Flags of the Third Reich II: Waffen-SS
Miniature Wargames 148, capsule
German Soldiers of WWII
Miniature Wargames 148, capsule
G.I. Victory: the U.S. Army in World War II (colour)
Miniature Wargames 145, capsule
Great Battles of World War II, Volume I: The Canadians in Europe
review of combined reference/rules book
The Courier 69, 1 page
Marine Recon 1940-90
Miniature Wargames 140, capsule
VJ Day in Photographs
Miniature Wargames 148, capsule
The World War II Databook
Miniature Wargames 145, capsule

Campaign Rules

Blind Man's Buff
A campaign system for the Russian Front
Miniature Wargames 144, 4 pages
Divisional Dilemmas
Playing division-level combat as map games
Miniature Wargames 144, 1 page

Figure Reviews

1/285 and 1/300 Scales

GHQ 1/285 WW2 and Modern Micro-Armour
Miniature Wargames 154, capsule
Airpower 1/300th Scale Aircraft
from B&M Models
Miniature Wargames 150, capsule
Battle Honors 1/300 Scale Air Masters WWII Aircraft
The Courier 64, capsule
New Micro Armour from GHQ
SdKfz 251/D21 and 251/D22
The Courier 68, capsule
Viking Forge A-26 Invader Bomber 1/286 Scale
The Courier 64, capsule


Quality Castings 15mm PZ VIEeTiger I
The Courier 68, capsule
World War II Range - 15mm White Metal
from S.D.D.
Miniature Wargames 147, capsule


20mm Tank Crew Figures
from S&S Models
Miniature Wargames 143, capsule
Brittania Miniatures 20mm WWII
British paratroopers
The Courier 68, capsule
Drew's Militia 20mm Afrika Korps
command group
The Courier 69, capsule
FAA/MLR Miniatures 20mm WWII Chindit Platoon Command
The Courier 69, capsule
Mirliton 20mm WW II Italian Bersaglieri
The Courier 68, capsule
Raventhorpe 20mm WW II Infantry
Cossack, American tankers
The Courier 68, capsule
Tumbling Dice Miniatures WWI/WWII
British/Canadian/New Zealand infantry in shorts
The Courier 69, capsule

Game Reports

A Wargame Too Far?, Part II
Replay of the action at Causeway Farm and Stonn
Miniature Wargames 139, 4 pages (1 map)
D-Day on the West Coast
Normandy at Games Caucus II
Miniature Wargames 154, 1 page (plus 2 pages of photos)

Historical Background
The Battle for Guadalcanal, Part Four
Island of Death - The Ground War
Miniature Wargames 151, 5 pages (4 maps)
The British '88'
British experience with anti-tank weapons
Miniature Wargames 152, 2 pages
A Corps Commanders' Assets
British division and brigade assets, with stats for the Korps Commander rules
Miniature Wargames 140, 2 pages (includes charts and diagrams)
'The Crocodiles Would Have A Feast'
The Battle of Darwin, Australia. Includes information on bombing campaign, notes for hypothetical Japanese invasion
Miniature Wargames 144, 2 pages (2 maps)
'Vestung Holland'
The Netherlands and the 'Five Day Battle,' 10-15th May 1940. Includes Dutch OB info for Command Decision
Miniature Wargames 142, 7 pages (2 maps)


WWII Saloon Bar Resource Management
Miniature Wargames 144, 1 page


Command Decision

The "Allied" Italian Army
OBs in game terms for 1st Ragruppamento Motorizzato, Italian Corps of Liberation, and British-trained Italian combat groups.
Command Post 10, 6 pages
Command Decision Tournament System
Command Post 10, 2 pages
Dragon's Fire
the Battle for Bairoko Harbor (New Georgia), July 20, 1943
Command Post 10, 3 pages (1 map)
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The 6th Airborne Division In The Normandy Campaign
OB in game terms, other background information
Command Post 10, 8 pages
Gazala Battles, May 1942, Part II
Allied Formations in CD terms
Command Post 10, 8 pages
The Race to Messina, a CD2 Minicampaign Game
Command Post 10, 18 pages
"...Rangers, Lead The Way!"
OBs for various Ranger units throughout WWII
Command Post 10, 4 pages
US Chemical Mortar Battalion, 1944-1945
OB and history
Command Post 10, 1 page

Other Rules

Battalions in Crisis!
game review, traces origins to Tractics
The Courier 64, 2 pages
Battle Captain
game review
The Courier 64, capsule
Battleground Tactical Rules
review of squad-level game intended for use with 20mm figures, from Scott Gray
The Courier 68, capsule
Clash of Armor Rules
game review
The Courier 64, capsule
Great Battles of World War II, Volume I: The Canadians in Europe
game review
The Courier 69, 1 page
Overlord WWII Rules by Firebase Games
game review
The Courier 69, capsule
PanzerKampfe, a Scenario Book for the Clash of Armour Rules System
game review
Miniature Wargames 140 (reprinted in 150), capsule
Spearhead - WWII Rules by Arty Conliffe
game review
The Courier 69, 1 page


D-Day, A Small Skirmish
Putting together a "monster" demo game of the Normandy landings
Wargames Illustrated 83, 4 pages
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in 1944
a Normandy scenario with an element of chaos
Miniature Wargames 153, 2 pages (1 map)
The First 'Bridge Too Far'
Primasole Bridge in Sicily, British air assault
Miniature Wargames 144, 2 pages (2 maps)
Gliderstrike at Eban Emael
Background for this Belgian 1940 attack, and details for a skirmish-level scenario
Miniature Wargames 141, 4 pages (4 maps)
Operation 'Lights Out'
Cross-channel raid (skirmish level)
Miniature Wargames 146, 2 pages (1 map)
Operation Stalemate II
Angaur Island assault, October 1944. Mini-campaign for Command Decision.
The Courier 64, 5 pages (1 map)
The Road to Bataan: The Delay at Calumpit Bridge
Scenario with stand-alone rules
The Courier 68, 4 pages (1 map)

Spanish Civil War


15mm & 25mm Flags and Standards
from Bandera Flags
Miniature Wargames 153, capsule

Figure Reviews

Spanish Civil War Armored Trucks and Tanks
20mm products from Historical Products
The Courier 69, capsule
Spanish Civil War Range
Review of 6mm figures from Irregular Miniatures
Miniature Wargames 141, capsule

  • Tactics

    Modern Tactics in Wargaming
    The Courier 68, 4 pages

  • Terrain Product Reviews

    Vac-U-Cast 20mm Emplacements
    Siegfried Line Bunker and Cupola
    The Courier 68, capsule

  • Travel

    The Struggle
    A World War II battlefield tour around Moscow
    Miniature Wargames 146, 3 pages

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