Silent Death: The Next Millenium

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Brief Description Tactical space combat game using miniatures on a hex-gridded playing field. Each ship has a "starship display" for tracking status (including damage). Weapons include torpedoes, cannon, and missiles. New (second) edition includes ship design rules, tournament rules, and additional background material.
Period Over 9,000 years in the future
Scale Tactical. Scale unstated. Presumably, each figure represents an individual starship.
Basing Hexagonal bases are provided for each ship
Contents Boxed set includes:
  • 168-page perfect-bound rulebook
  • 32-page staple-bound starcraft display booklet
  • 16-page staple-bound scenario booklet
  • two 2' x 3' black hexsheets
  • 48 plastic ships with bases
  • set of plastic missiles, torpedoes and asteroids
  • dice (12-, 10-, three 8-, three 6-, and 4-sided dice)
Designers Kevin Barrett (first edition); Matt Forbeck (second edition)
Publisher Second edition published 1996 by by Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc.

Supplements Available


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This Forces series booklet describes the Barat, a group of mercenaries on the Frontier. This 80-page publication provides background material, campaign guidelines, two new weapons (EMP and Flak), 8 new ship designs, and 11 scenarios.


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Part of the Tech series of supplements, this 60-page booklet provides the rules for a new class of starship: the escort vessel. Included are new weapons, new ship design rules, a campaign, 6 ship designs, and 3 scenarios.

NIGHT BROOD: First Contact

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This 60-page booklet in the Races series details the Grub, an alien race intent upon destroying Mankind. Included is a counter sheet with 188 ship counters and markers. The rules include background material, new alien weapons, 10 ship designs, campaign guidelines, and a dozen scenarios.

Wings of Death

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This boxed set contains the same plastic ships which are included in the Silent Death: The Next Millenium boxed set. There are four of each of these ships:

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