Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WHFB)

4th edition rulebook cover


Game of fantasy warfare, with a wide variety of unique troops, individuals and monsters with special powers. Troops are selected from lists (there is no provision for creating new troop types or races).

Period Fantasy mass-combat
Scale Figure, ground and time scales not given. Intended for use with the Citadel line of 25mm miniatures.
Basing Individual basing. 2cm x 2cm (3/4" x 3/4") on square slottabases for typical infantry-style figures.
Contents Boxed set includes:
  • 96-page rulebook
  • 96-page Battle Bestiary book
  • 16-page Battle for Maugthrond Pass starter scenario booklet
  • 24-page fantasy army list booklet
  • 14-page Painting Guide booklet (in color)
  • 104 plastic miniatures (with bases)
  • 5 cardboard figures (with bases)
  • 10 ordinary six-sided dice
  • custom Scatter die
  • custom Artillery die
  • 6 weapons templates
  • two large reference cards
  • 12 Magic Item cards
  • 6 Movement Trays (optional)
  • 2 card buildings (must be assembled)
Designers Rick Priestley, Bill King, and Andy Chambers
Publisher Games Workshop

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