Full Thrust

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Brief Description Rules are split between Core Rules (the basic game) and the Advanced Rules. The core rules are intended to give a very simple, fast-playing game. The advanced rules add new weapons and systems, fighters, and a more detailed ship construction system. Also included are rules for running a campaign game.
Period Fleet actions in deep space
Scale Tactical. Ground and time scales are unstated. Each figure represents an individual starship (exception: one fighter might represent a fighter group, if players so choose).
Basing Individual
Contents 48-page rulebook
Designer Jon M. Tuffley
Publisher First edition 1991. Second edition/second printing published 1994 by Ground Zero Games

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Online Resources

The Publisher's Website
Well, actually the U.S. publisher (GeoHex), but until Ground Zero Games gets on the web, this will have to do. Nothing much at the website yet.
Mark Siefert's Unofficial Full Thrust Website
The best website for Full Thrust, and it links to everything else out there. Includes the FAQ, lots of optional rules (including Star Trek, Star Wars, Mobilesuit Gundam, Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5), ship designs, scenarios, counters, record sheets, and more.
Integration Packet
Unofficial rules for using Full Thrust as the tactical component in a strategic game of Imperium.
David Manley's Full Thrust Page
Optional rules and scenarios.
Steffan O'Sullivan's Review
Description and favorable recommendation.
The Ground Zero Games Mailing List
Focuses on the miniatures rules from Ground Zero Games (Full Thrust, Dirtside II, and Stargrunt II). Place "subscribe gzg-l" in the body of the message, and send it to This list is run by fans, though the GZG folks do "monitor" the list.

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