Blood Bowl

Brief Description Imagine a football league composed of teams of orcs, goblins, elves, dwarves and humans. Besides the "usual" football stuff -- passes and runs -- picture a halfling being picked up and thrown downfield. The new edition is easy to learn. This is a boardgame which is played with miniatures.
Period Fantasy.
Scale Does it matter? Ground scale is unstated. Each figure represents 1 player. Time scale not stated, through 32 turns make up a normal game.
Basing Designed for use with Citadel figures. Individually based.
Contents Boxed set includes: 50-page Handbook, painting guide, playing board, plastic templates, reference cards, 24 plastic figures (orc and human teams), 4 plastic footballs, dice.
Designer Jervis Johnson
Publisher Third edition published 1994 by Games Workshop
A detailed description is also available.

What You Think

Barrie Voice (
Blood Bowl is by far the best game made by Games Workshop. The rules are simple, but this doesn't mean simple coaches will win. The player who plays thoughtfully will beat the bloodcrazed lunatic hands down. Sound tactics win a game of Blood Bowl.
Marc (
My opinion of the 3rd edition of Blood Bowl is that it has been a lot improved over the first two. The turnover rule is a good idea and so is the turn idea.

It is, however, let down by the fact that you can not have mixed teams. I have overcome this problem by creating a rule in the buying of re-roll counters for mixed teams, you take the cost of the most expensive counter and then add 10k for every other race in the team (this does not include star players available to the team). Also, only Human, wood elf, high elf, dwarf and halfling can team up or human, chaos, undead, orc, goblins, dark elf, skaven and chaos dwarf.

Marc Vawter (
The new edition of Blood Bowl is a thrill-filled ride of controlled Chaos (the team I coach in my home league). The turnover rule is an extremely important and exciting addition to the game (although it has caused many a well-laid plan to go astray). I enjoy the injury rules and find that the carnage is sufficient, but usually not enough to decimate most teams (my wood elf team is an exception).

I'm throughly pleased with the third edition rules and am looking forward to any expansions or suppliments that may be coming out.

F. R. Hughes (
The new game is miles better than the old one. The only problem is that my dwarfs keep losing to the elves even after crunching most of them into the dirt. Oh well.
Kalle Marjola (
Magnificent! Many times better than 2nd edition - faster to play, less deadly (in a long run) and more exciting matches!
Jacob Jonsson (
Blood Bowl is a great game where the element of chance is a bit against me.

Several new rules have made the game a good game, first of all is the radical Turnover rule. It makes every roll a thrill and causes me to lose many games. It also makes the game faster.

The Time Limit is also a rule that speeds up the game and puts preassure on the coaches to make fast decisions.

The fact that Games Workshop has failed to make a balanced pricing system for the different players causes many a Dark Elf coach to envy the High Elves that are allowed to buy an identical thrower for a price that is 10k less than the Dark Elf has to pay. I rule that the Dark Elfs may buy their throwers at 80k and nothing else.

The net is a great place to meet coaches, and is my #1 meeting place. Jolly good, Jervis, I like your game in its new form.

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