De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM)


De Bellis Fantasticus is a set of supplemental DBM rules published by Keep Wargaming. Requires use of DBM 2.0 or later. The supplement was written by members of the Ilford Wargaming Club. Additions include new troop types, and new variations of existing troop types. Covers magic and flying.

DBM Measuring Sticks are made by M.E.O.W. (Mid-East Ontario Wargamers), and are available throught Pharaoh's Arms. (They also do measuring sticks for DBA and DBR.)

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Online Resources

Official DBM Web Page
By Richard Bodley Scott, one of the game's designers. Includes beginner's guide, proposed rules changes, and list errata.
Ed Allen's DBM Web Page
The best and most comprehensive DBM site on the Web.
Battlefields of Albion
Battle reports website.
DBx Page
Nunawading Wargames Association's page for DBM-related rules. Includes tactics, photo gallery, guide to latest rules revisions.
The Ancient British DBM Wargamers Site
Keith Barker's ( website includes army lists, a photo gallery, notes on double basing, and a list of recommended books.
Bruce Ferguson's DBM Page
Includes a beginner's guide, photos of armies, campaign and battle reports, and DBM variant rules for the American Civil War.
Scenario with order of battle and map. Greeks vs. Persions from Herodotus.
The Relief of the Camp
Scenario with order of battle and map. Gauls attack a Roman camp, Caesar must come to the rescue.
Scenario with order of battle and map. From Caesar's second African Campaign, a mini-campaign.

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