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We define Infantry Skirmish to include those games where one figure represents one soldier, and one model equals one actual vehicle. This is the best scale for depicting infantry squads in action, and it also works well for small numbers of armored vehicles. These are games where individual heroism stands out, and where infantry are often as fun to play as the tanks.

But if you start getting more than a few squads of infantry into the fighting, it may be time to step up to the next level of gaming - what we call Armor Skirmish.

And in the Beginning Quick Reaction Force
Battleground: World War IIReaders' Choice Easy Eight Enterprises
Beer and Pretzels Skirmish
Readers' Choice Battles For Empire Publications
Boadillaavailable on the Web Mark Hannam
Cross of Iron Gauntlet
The Face of Battle Meramic Enterprises
Grey Storm, Red Steel Firebase Games
Hell By Daylight Anschluss Publishing
Men of FrostReaders' Choiceavailable on the Web SOTCW
Overlord Readers' Choice Firebase Games
Red Poppy/White Featheravailable on the Web Phil Yates
Screaming G.I.s Sword & Palette
Skirmish '90available on the Web SOTCW
Warhammer Panzer Battlesavailable on the Web Phil Yates
WARScomputer-assisted miniatures rules Terry Phillips

Battalions in Crisis! Phoenix Military Simulations

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Warhammer Panzer Battles
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