Brief DescriptionSkirmish-level WWII miniatures rules which focus upon the infantry fighting in the bocage during the Normandy Campaign. Armor is typically used in a supporting role. Emphasizes such factors as morale, leadership, and training.
PeriodWWII -- Normandy Campaign (June-August 1944)
ScaleEach vehicle or figure represents an actual vehicle or figure. Ground scale is 1" = 10 meters. One turn represents 2 1/2 minutes. Recommended for 15mm or 20mm scale figures.
BasingIndividual for vehicles. Infantry are placed 1-4 figures per stand, depending upon their function -- for instance, a rifle stand consists of 3-4 figures on a 1.5" x 1" base (15mm scale).
Contents68-page rulebook; two reference charts; sheet of markers (must be cut out)
DesignerBarrie Lovell.
PublisherFirst edition published 1994 by Firebase Games.

A detailed description of Overlord is also available.

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