Armor Skirmish Rules

Skirmish Level - Armor Focus
(1 model = 1 tank)
Battle CaptainReaders' Choice FEBA Ltd.
The Complete World War Two
Wargames Manual
available on the Web Marc G. Glasby
CrossfireReaders' Choice Quantum
First Watch Armchair Generals
Maxim to Minimiavailable on the Web SOTCW
Mein PanzerReaders' Choice Old Dominion Gameworks
Panzer Tactics Pioneer Simulations
Point of Attack (Piquet) Piquet, Inc.
Simple Low-Tech Microarmour Rulesavailable on the Web Paul Roberts
Storm of Steelavailable on the Web Wrexham and District Wargames Club
Tigers & Stalins MG Games
Tracks Wulf's H.Q. Games
Treads & Turretscomputer-assisted miniatures rules
available on the Web
Where Panzers Dareavailable on the Web A Fistful of Games
WRG 1925-1950Readers' Choice Wargames Research Group

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