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WWII miniatures rulesets

There are a lot of different rulesets for ground combat in WWII. To bring some order out of the chaos, we have organized the rules in terms of scale - that is, what a single model or figure represents.

Our categories are:

  • Infantry Skirmish - One figure represents one soldier. The scale best for handling infantry squads in action, along with a small number of vehicles.
  • Armor Skirmish - One model represents one vehicle, but one "infantry stand" represents a squad or more of infantry. An appropriate scale for handling low-level armor engagements.
  • Half-Platoon Scale - One model represents a half-platoon worth of vehicles.
  • Platoon Scale - One model represents a platoon's worth of vehicles.
  • Company Scale - One model represents a company of vehicles.
  • Battalion Scale - One model stands for a battalion. At this scale, you can play out some fairly significant battles on the tabletop.
  • Scale Unknown - Rules we don't know enough about to classify.

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