Screaming G.I.s

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Brief Description Skirmish-level rules with the main design goal being fun. Infantry, vehicles, and artillery are covered. Combat includes ranged fire, suppression fire, and melee. Damage results either in "no effect," elimination of the target, or one of many colorful wound/damage results. Ammunition is kept track of for all units. Vehicles are handled somewhat abstractly, and nationalities are all the same.
Period Second World War
Scale Tactical. 10-15 minutes per turn. Ground scale is roughly 1" = 10-25 yards. One figure equals one person.
Basing Individual, except for machine gun crews and bazooka teams
Contents 46-page spiral-bound booklet, plus 2 pages of optional rules sheets
Designers Terry Matheny, Harry Womelsdorf, Don Hildreth, John Ruys
Publisher Sword & Palette

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