Battleground: World War II

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A comprehensive, well-presented set of skirmish rules for WWII, resolving action at the individual soldier and vehicle crew member level. The designers' intent is to provide fast-playing rules which capture the spirit of ground combat.

sample page generic Russian tank chart

Units of both sides move in random order (determined by playing of cards), with each person able to perform two Actions per turn. Morale rules allow for fanatics, cowards and heroes, and Gut Checks are required before characters can perform highly risky acts. Rules cover artillery, engineers, armored and infantry combat, but do not cover air support.


A generic squad organization is provided, and generic hit locations for tanks and halftracks; supplements will fill in more detail, as well as data for nationalities other than German, American, and Russian. Seven scenarios are designed to allow players to gradually learn the rules. Includes a chapter on making your own terrain, plus an introduction by Harold Coyle, author of Team Yankee.

Period WWII. Basic set covers Americans, Germans, and Russians.
Scale Each inch on the tabletop represents "...the distance a man can crawl in one action." Each turn represents "...the time it takes an average soldier to aim and fire a bolt-action rifle twice while being shot at." Each figure represents an individual combatant. Intended for use with 15mm or 20mm figures.
Basing Individual
Contents 120+ pages of rules in a 3-ring binder, 3 sheets of markers/counters (one sheet in color, others in black and white) (must be mounted and cut apart). Requires use of standard deck of playing cards (not included).
sheet of infantry counters sheet of color markers sheet of vehicle counters
Designers Brad Sanders, Devin Cooley and Bob Brodeur
Publisher First edition published 1997 by Easy Eight Enterprises

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