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Brief Description Computer resolution allows the designer to add intricate detail to this simulation. Tanks are handled on the level of individual crew members. Infantrymen are issued equipment individually (i.e., weapons, ammo, food), and are tracked down to their current pose (i.e., standing, kneeling, etc.). Available for IBM-PC type computers.
Period WWII
Scale Each turn represents 10 seconds. Ground scale is user-determined, from 1:1 to 1:10000. Men and vehicles are represented individually.
Basing Since vehicles and men are dealt with individually, individual basing is most convenient. However, the program has no basing requirements.
Contents WARS Lite (shareware version) consists of 1 floppy disk, 118-page manual
Designer Terry Phillips
  • WARSLite (shareware version) is in version 3.0.
  • WARSLite (commercial version) is due out in October 1996.
  • Advanced WARS is due out in December 1996.
All versions are (or will be) available from Terry Phillips.

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