18th Century Warfare

200 Years Tabletop Games
A Clash of Argumentsavailable on the Web Wrexham & District Wargames Club
Cartouche (Piquet) Piquet, Inc.
Davey Jones Locker Sutton Hoo Games
Fast Play Rules
For Pike & Shot Period
Newbury Rules
Fire and Steel WRG
Firelockavailable on the Web Wes A. Rogers
Fix Bayonets! Imagine Image Multimedia
Flint & Steel Clash of Arms
Flintlock Battlefields History of Warfare Games
Hoist the Jolly Rogeravailable by email Ross Rigby
Neil Morris
Koenig Krieg Frei Korps 15
Outland Games
Linear Tactics Larry Irons
Pieces of Eight Peter Pig
Post of Honour NLWG Publications
Ridiculous Vanity Hoplite Research
Seven Years Waravailable on the Web Wrexham & District Wargames Club
To Arms! Mage
Volley & Bayonet The Emperor's Headquarters
Warfare in the Age of Reason The Emperor's Headquarters
Wargames Rules for
the Mid-18th Century
Tabletop Games
Wargaming the Age of Marlborough Editions Brokaw
Weight of Fireavailable on the Web Wes A. Rogers

Dragoon vs. Hussar Balboa Game Company
Frederick the Great Fantasy Games Unlimited
None Shall Pass Athena Books
Savage Wars of Peace Poor Beggars In Red
Volley Fire Mike Nemechek
The War Game Charles Grant

Last Updates
30 August 1999Strategic Systems becomes Imagine Image Multimedia
14 January 1999added Fire and Steel
7 January 1999added Firelock
and Weight of Fire
6 January 1999added Volley Fire
9 November 1998added Clash of Arguments, Seven Years War
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