Volley Fire

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Includes weather rules, point system, designer notes. Rules cover engineering and legions (brigades of mixed troops types). The army lists cover all the major powers (and some minor), and are detailed and complete. Fully illustrated examples of play throughout. Also includes rules for playing Napoleonic battles.

Period 18th Century, with focus on the Seven Years War
Ground Scale 1" = 50 yards
Time Scale One turn = 15 minutes
Figure Scale Each figure represents 50 men.
Miniature Scales Designed for 15mm, but provides ammendments for 25mm
Basing Figs are mounted as follows: regular close order inf. 3 per base 3/4" by 1/2"; Regular light inf mounted 2 per base, 3/8" frontage per model; irregular inf are mounted 3 to a base, 3/8" frontage per model; Cavalry are mounted on squadron sized bases (normally 2-3 models) 1/2" frontage per model.
Contents 66-page booklet, 2 reference cards
Designer Mike Nemechek
Publisher First edition published in the 1980's by Mike Nemechek

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Mighty Sapphon (jab@toast.net)

I first came across Volley Fire in an old issue of The Seven Years War Association Newletter (vol. 4, no. 4, 1989). In that issue is a battle report using those rules.

They are written by Mike Nemechek, and I guess he published them himself. I picked up the rules in '91 and they have been my main set of rules for this period (although I play Koenig Krieg, Age of Reason, and others).

Hmmm...they allow for battles in whole of the 18th c., with focus on the 7YW. Scale is 1:50 men, 1" = 50 yards. Mounting is like AOR. The army lists (covers all the major powers, and some minor) are detailed and complete (a point system is used) and is alot like those in KK.

I like to view the rules like an advanced form of Koenig Krieg. Their seems to be just the right ammount of 'tactical' flavor to really give the feel of an 18th Century battle.

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