Wargames Rules for the Mid 18th Century

Brief Description Rules which attempt to make large battles playable in reasonable playing times. Rules include morale and command-and-control. Army lists provided for Seven Years War (Europe).
Period Seven Years War in Europe
One figure 40-50 men
40-50 riders
3-4 pieces of artillery
One game turn 15 minutes
One centimeter 15 meters (15mm scale)
7.5 meters (25mm scale)
Troop Type # of figures size of base
(frontage x depth)
15mm scale 25mm scale
Line Infantry 3-4 10mm per figure x 15mm 15mm per figure x 20mm
Heavy Cavalry 2-3 10mm per figure x 25mm 20mm per figure x 40mm
Battalion Guns Individually,
with crew
20mm x any depth 40mm x any depth
Contents 32-page digest-sized booklet, 1 reference card
Designers Iain Dickie and Gareth Harding
Publisher First edition published 1991 by Tabletop Games

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