Russ Lockwood, formerly operating as Lockwood Productions (publisher of Snappy Nappy), runs this online magazine service. By subscribing to MagWeb, users can read via the Web a number of military and gaming magazines.

Or, as the promotional material reads:

Megabytes of Military History and Gaming are Yours to Command!

MagWeb offers the full text and graphics of over a dozen history and gaming magazines (current and back issues), with an emphasis on military history. For a modest monthly fee--about what you pay for a fast food lunch--you'll get unlimited access to ALL our magazines, and we give discounts for half-year and year memberships. And we are adding more and more magazines throughout 1996 and 1997.

We call this Magazine Web, or MagWeb for short. We take the printed articles in the magazine, convert them to electronic format, and put it all in one site for you. Main text, graphics, sidebars, orders of battles, charts--it's all there. If there's a photo, we include the photo. A map? We include that too. Uniform illustration? That too. We like to say: The only thing we change are the typos!

The magazines currently available are:

Age of Napoleon History of the Napoleonic era
The Art of War All historical periods with Clash of Arms boardgames
Battlefields All historical periods, with a gaming interest
Chainmail Role playing for sci-fi and fantasy gaming systems
Colonial Conquest History of Victorian-era colonial period
Competitive Edge
(formerly GameFix)
All historical periods, with a gaming interest
The Courier All historical periods, with a gaming interest
El Dorado History of Central and South America military operations and units
Empire Eagles and Lions History of the Napoleonic era, with a gaming interest
First Empire History of the Napoleonic era
The Heliograph Colonial era (roughly last half 1800s to WWI) history and gaming
Inquisitor Warhammer 40K (not affliated with Games Workshop)
Lone Warrior All historical periods, with a gaming interest for solitaire study
MWAN 192pg Miniatures oriented magazine
Napoleon History of the Napoleonic era
Renaissance Ink A miniatures oriented newsletter
Saga Dark Ages and medieval history and gaming
Seven Years War Association Journal History of 1733-1766, with a focus on the SYW and French and Indian War
Shadis Role-playing gaming
Shadis Presents More role playing gaming (back issues)
Tornado Alert All historical periods, with a gaming interest
The Zouave American Civil War history and gaming

For more information (including sample articles), visit the Magweb site at

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