Empires, Eagles & Lions

Brief Description Concerned with military history in the Napoleonic era, including news concerning miniatures and reenactments.
Focus Napoleonic era
Size 64 glossy pages (some in color)
Frequency 6 times per year
United States US$33 (6 issues)
Canada US$35
Elsewhere US$38
Editor Jean A. Lochet
Publisher The Emperor's Press, a division of the Emperor's Headquarters


The editors were kind enough to send us a sample issue of their magazine, and this article is based upon that example.

Empires, Eagles & Lions manages to cover the field of Napoleonic warfare in an informative manner, but without being stuffy. The editors aim their publication not just at scholars, but also the amateur historian, the wargamer, and the reenactor.

The major articles in the sample issue:

The Battle of Montmirail Third article in a series about the 1814 campaign. 19 pages, including an order of battle, 4 maps, and 12 photos of the modern-day battlefield. Based on research in French, Prussian, and Russian archives.
Thunder Child How changes in French society helped make possible the Napoleonic use of massed artillery. 10 pages.
A Short History of the Line Chasseurs a Cheval With uniform notes. 6 pages. Includes 3 color plates.
General Junot and Laure Junot Part of a continuing series of biographies of Napoleonic notables. 3 pages.
The Tenth Annual Napoleonic Society of America Conference Convention report. 2 pages.
Historicon '94 Convention report. 2 pages.

Regular columns and features:

Historical Calendar Events from 180 and 190 years ago.
Napoleonic Library Book reviews.
Napoleonic Sourcebook Shopping guide.
Questions and Answers The editor answers questions about Napoleonic warfare.
Reader's Forum The staff answers questions from readers.
Flash and Polish New miniature releases.
Jerome's Corner Column about miniature wargaming.
Leona's Corner Historical tidbits.
Friday Night at the Fights A cartoon.

What's the Status of EE&L?

There have recently been rumors that Empires, Eagles & Lions was ceasing publication:

Brett Gladman ( writes:

I was told by Jean Lochet at Cold Wars 96 that all current subscribers to EE&L would be receiving a letter soon informing them that EE&L would be continuing, and containing all the information about the logistics.

Lance King ( adds:

EE&L has resumed publication in the summer of 96. I bought a copy of vol 3 #1 at the Emperor's HQ booth at Historicon 96. EQ has recently sent a copy of that same issue to "every name we could get our hands on."

With the right support their will be 2 fine napoleonic mags. EE&L and Napoleon.

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