Lone Warrior

The Solo Wargamers' Association Journal

Brief Description An amateur publication devoted to the support of games played without opponents. Includes coverage of miniatures, boardgames, and role-playing games. Also has articles about playing miniatures games through the mails.
Period All
Size 40-page, digest-size newsletter
Frequency 4 times per year
United Kingdom £12
Europe and Eire £15
Overseas £20
United States US$20

Overseas payments must be in Pounds Sterling, except for U.S. readers who may pay in U.S. dollars. Subscriptions run from 1 June annually. With a subscription comes membership in the Solo Wargamers Association.

Editor Kenn Hart
Publisher Solo Wargamers Association


The Lone Warrior is the newsletter of the Solo Wargamers' Association, an organization devoted to the support of wargamers without opponents. The journal is a 38- page (or 40 pages, if you count the inside covers), digest-sized, amateur publication which comes out four times per year.

If the sample issue presented to us for review is any guide, most of the articles pertain to historical miniatures. The contents of this issue were:

Editorial 1 page
Castle Hill, Godshill, And Its Final Downfall History of an ancient British fort, 1 page
The Greek Campaign of 279 B.C. -- The Passes of Oeta, Part 7 Historical battle description with diagrams, 5 pages
Targe Quiz Trivia quiz, 2 pages
The Rear Guard Game: A Solo Mechanism Using cards to generate a random, hidden scenario, 1 page
If At First You Don't Succeed, Pick Up A Card! Review of the Schiltron medieval miniatures rules, previously published in Lone Warrior, 1 page
Play By Mail Column Short reports on 3 games in progress [ancients and WWII miniatures, and one unknown], 1 page
Soldiering in the Green Hell Campaign report on a miniatures PBM game, British vs. Ashanti, 2 pages
Games Service Check List of PBM moderators, their game, and whether any have vacancies, 1 page
Arnhem Lift, Part 2 Battle report of a skirmish-level WWII game, with map and organizations, 3 pages
Feudal Warfare in the Land of the Rising Sun Progress report by a gamer just getting into this period, 2 pages
Ambush For Beginners Napoleonic solo scenario, 1 page
Forum Letters column, 4 pages
Positional Defence 16th Century Miniatures PBM battle report, with maps and organizations, 4 pages
Boardgames and Role-Playing #10 Regular column, with this issue covering reaction tables for animals, 3 pages
Ye Olde Model Shoppe Member ads, 1 page
Targe Seems to be a column about miniatures and items of interest to miniaturists, 1 page
Profile of a Lone Warrior Member biography, 1 page
20mm WWII Amphibious Warfare Figures Miniatures review, with sketches, 2 pages
15mm Medieval Welsh Miniatures review, 1 page

Speaking of the Games Service Check, at the time of our sample issue it included one role-playing game, four boardgame, and five "map" games (apparently, PBM miniatures games -- Ancient Macedonian, Greek City States Strategic, Dark Age Britain, Napoleonic, and African Colonial).

The articles generally have a high information content, though the writing quality varies. (I had a hard time following the Arnhem article, for instance -- too many "fiction" bits worked into the battle description.) The best articles are the "solo techniques" pieces, which are clearly written and straight to the point.

The Letters column functions a lot like the newsgroup -- that is, as a place where readers can ask questions, and get answers either by private mail or future issues of the newsletter. Most items are a single paragraph in length. Members also write in to tell what projects they are starting, to give brief convention reports, to make suggestions to the SWA, and to comment on previous articles.

Information About the North American Edition

Graham L. Empson, Secretary of the Solo Wargamers Association, writes:

The North American edition has been up and running since LW109 [December 1994].  It is an A4 publication of some 40 pages, and is orientated specifically at the American/Canadian market.  The world-wide edition is A5 format and usually contains about 60 pages.  Whilst there is obviously an overlap in terms of articles, sections such as forum are specifically NA.

Pleased to say that the membership is growing at a nice steady rate as more people become aware of its existence.  It now has its own PBM up and running, together with an expanding lending library for members.  All NA members do of course enjoy the membership privileges of the SWA with access to the advisors service even the main library here in the UK, probably the biggest of its kind, if they need to.

Richard Barbuto ( is both editor and membership secretary in NA.

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