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Voting Results

Favorite Rules
Command Decision56%
Clash of Armor5%

Rules Regularly Played
rules played regularlypercentage
Command Decision67%
Clash of Armor10%

Number of Rules Regularly Played
number of rules played regularlypercentage
1 rules played87%
2 rules played13%

Rules Tried
rules played at least oncepercentage
Command Decision94%
Clash of Armor41%
Combined Arms3%

Number of Rules Tried
number of rules playedpercentage
2 rules played38%
3 rules played38%
1 rules played24%

Voters, By Experience
level of experiencepercentage
Up To Twenty Years38%
Twenty Years or More30%
Up To Ten Years24%
Two to Three Years5%

Voters, By Region
North America51%
Western Pacific8%

Voters, By Setting
usual game settingpercentage
At the local club53%
With a friend or two39%
At the local game store8%

Number of Armies
number of armies owned or usedpercentage
6 army/armies17%
3 army/armies13%
4 army/armies13%
2 army/armies10%
7 army/armies10%
11 army/armies7%
15 army/armies7%
5 army/armies7%
8 army/armies7%
1 army/armies3%
12 army/armies3%
9 army/armies3%

Armies Owned/Used
armies owned or usedpercentage
Soviet Union53%
United States of America53%
British Commonwealth47%
Britain - Paratroops37%
Germany - Paratroops37%
Germany - S.S.30%
United States of America - Paratroops30%
Soviet Union - Guards20%
United States of America - Marines13%
Axis - Other7%
Allied - Other3%

Periods Played
1944 France58%
1942 North Africa50%
1943 Russia50%
1941 Russia45%
1942 Russia45%
1943 Mediterranean42%
1944 Sigfried Line42%
1941 North Africa39%
1944 Eastern Front39%
1943-45 Italy34%
1940 Africa26%
1940 Blitzkrieg26%
1945 Eastern Front18%
1945 Western Front16%
1942 South-West Pacific13%
1939 Polish Campaign11%
1939-40 Winter War8%
1941-44 Continuation War8%
1941-45 Burma8%
1941 Balkans5%
1937-40 China3%
1939 Mongolia3%
1940 Balkans3%
1941-45 Insurgency3%
1943 Pacific3%
1943 South-West Pacific3%
1944-45 Pacific3%
1945 Manchuria3%
Pre-1939 Europe3%

Number of Periods Played
number of genres/periods playedpercentage
1 periods16%
3 periods16%
7 periods13%
5 periods8%
6 periods8%
11 periods5%
2 periods5%
4 periods5%
8 periods5%
9 periods5%
10 periods3%
13 periods3%
16 periods3%
18 periods3%
19 periods3%

Scales Used
figure scalepercentage
6mm (including 1:285 and 1:300 scales)59%

Number of Scales
number of figure scale(s) used
(per person)
1 figure scale(s) used74%
2 figure scale(s) used21%
3 figure scale(s) used5%

Michael Bornstein

Defended with two US Glider Regiments against a reinforced German SS Panzer Grenadier Division. Lost two battalions but repulsed the Germans who lost half the division before withdrawing. [22 Sep 1999]

David Koontz

A fantasy 6mm game set in a coastal eastern European city with 6 factions all fighting for control of the radio station, hospital, docks, etc. [1 Jun 1999]

alexis tolmatchev

transformed scenario from ASL. In the pocket of Hube. Unready russians try to stop the attack of the 10th panzer SS division. If the russian line breaks it leads to the escape of 120 000 germans. Russian forces - 27th infantry division (suffered from the fightings not reinforced). two tanks battalion mainly T34/41 - one selfpropelled artillery regiment SU76. German forces - kampfgruppe issued from the 10th SS panzer and the 6th panzer division. Mainly panzergrenadier - stug III - panzer IV. All in 15 mmm. [11 May 99]

Duncan Allen

1944 Falaise Gap Scenario using Spearhead. My German armoured column was wiped out by allied aircraft [9 Apr 99]

John Madron

I believe it was a scenario covering the German advance into Belgium. Infantry div elements pushing up densely wooded roads. Elements of Das Reich airlifted into rear areas. Belgians reinforced by French cavalry. Slow German progress up board with resulting "historical" victory. [7 Apr 99]

John Hingley-Hickson

My last battle was the British involvement in the battle for the Ardennes (something which is not well written about).

TAC:WWII as usual gave a thoroughly good feel for the battle, the tactics used and the formations. It allows flexibility, yet accurate historical representation.

In this battle, the guards division advanced, to help our American cousins who were in the doo doo, YET AGAIN. The British advanced with the armour taking on the King Tigers, while the infantry took the Panzer Grenadiers. This action was a delaying action until the rest of the division was able to arrive and halt the German advance. Very thrilling action with the armour almost being destroyed, while the infantary held their own. The whole flavour of the game could only be experianced through Tac. [6 Apr 99]

Lawrence Lee

Operation Battleaxe - A modified version of the central thrust by the 22 Guards Brigade and the 4th and 7th RTR vs Point 206 and Fort Capuzzo. The British objective was to capture both geographic features while fighting off a counter attack by 15th Panzer. The British players never captured the Fort but did manage to fight off counter-attack (never attack Matildas head on!). The end result was a draw. [6 Apr 99]

Bob Slaughter

Our last game was Command Decision 2nd edition. We enjoyed the game and found the playing time to be very reasonable. [6 Apr 99]

Michael Blom

Actually Im in middle of an game (Spearhead) where Im functioning as an umpire. The scenario is from "Where the Ironcrosses grow" (eastern front supplements and scenarios for Spearhead rule. The 11 German pz div. is attacking russian infantery suported by two hvy tank reg. Im playing the tactical situations (all the moves and cobats e.t.c.) while the players give their units orders by contact me by phone or e-mail. [6 Apr 99]

David Chappell

Skirmanovo (November 1941) - A Soviet counterattack East of Moscow to halt the German onslaught. Game was fought with double blind movement using a system similar to Bill Owen's. The Soviet 50th Cavalry division arrived late, but the Germans were very extended by then, counterattacking the Soviet tank Brigade and Rifle division. They left too few reserves and Pliev's cavalry had an easy task destroying the undefended German rear area troops, transport assets and headquarters units. Clear Soviet victory. [2 Apr 99]

chris Mikucki

Ran an early entry scenario of the German assault on the island of Leros, November 1943. The game was run using Command Decision, and was run for 8 players.

The Germans failed to affect an effective assault and the falschirmjagers took very heavy casualties. [31 Mar 99]

Glenn E. Kidd

Battle of Skirmonovo. It is German arour and mech vs Soviet armor and mech plus Soviet cavalry. [30 Mar 99]

Ingolfur Bjorgvinsson

Spearhead set in Russia '41. Non historical-non competition game A Motorized Inf Reg (two Battalions) and a Motorcycle Battalion with Stuka support force a river crossing against a Russian Infantry Reg (three Battalions with support) who have to defend three different possible crossing sites. The Russans bring up a Tank Brigade to reduce the bridgehead before the Germans can bring over their Recon and Panzer Battalion. They manage to prevent this but the Germans held the bridgehead. [29 Mar 99]

Euan Caldwell

1944 1:200 British Armoured Division against German Kampfgruppe [29 Mar 99]

Alex Kirk

Last night we played a real hum-dinger. Rommels attack at the 1st battle of El Alamein. Except that this time Rommel got enough gas to do the wide swing he wanted. Mass death & destruction never before seen by man. A good time was had by all! ;-) [28 Mar 99]

Matt Davidson

Command Decision 3. Parker's Crossroads scenerio(23rd Dec. 1944), during the Battle of the Bulge. Elements of 4 US Divisions make a stand at a Belgian Crossroads vs. elements of an SS Panzer Division. I refereed.

Command Decision 3. 1944 Philipines. USA vs Japan. US combined arms groups vs dug in and entrenched Japanese infantry with tank support. I played.

I have played Command Decision since CD 1 first came out. CD 2 was an improvement and CD 3 is the best yet. Playable and comprehensive. Morale and troop quality are key. Good speed of play with proper level of command handled by each player(1 or 2 battalions). I have played Spearhead as well. Although fun, quick to play and easy to learn(and teach), it makes many generalizations and has a very rigid system, making it, at times, more akin to Napoleonics in feel than WWII. Depending on what one is looking for a WWII set of rules, I would highly recomend either. [27 Mar 99]

Marc Raiff

As my group is learning CD3, I ran an adaptation of the battle of Kalmas on the Eastern Front in 1944. The players ran the Russians who were trying to cut off a German rearguard. The Germans were run by the referee to a scripted set of objectives and commands. This idea is based on Glenn Kidd's War College scenarios and is very helpful in teaching new players. [27 Mar 99]

Bill Baker DiGiulio

Played a scenario from the Spearhead scenario book (Blaze across the Sands). It was a german and italian attack against a British defensive position in 1941. The germans took the worst of it, but cost the Brits enough causialties that the Italians were able to carry the day. I did not have the exact type of minis the scenario called for so i doctored it a bit. The Brits had an extra tank brigade, and I gave the Germans 2 Stuka sorties. [26 Mar 99]

Paul Calvi

Trial scenario on CD list [6 Mar 99]

Nick Murray

Last game was a recreation of the collapse of the Romanian Front in 1944. It dealt with a German Infantry Division that was defending a river line only to find it has been outflanked. The Germans were told to deploy to defend the river as they had secure flanks. They had to fight off a Soviet flank attack before having their orders changed by higher command. This then forced a withdrawal in the teeth of an enemy attack. [11 Feb 99]