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Tactical rules encompassing all major aspects of armored warfare, designed for ease of play, and to be used both by novice and expert players.

Each turn, players place face-down Order Chits (Movement - with direction stated - or Prep Fire) on their units (groups). Once all orders have been issued, the chits are revealed. During the following turn phases, the players take actions with their units one at a time, alternating between each other.

The rules cover artillery, aircraft, smoke, visibility (optional), morale, unit cohesion, infantry overruns, airborne and glider troops, and mines.

Data charts and unit organizations are provided for Germany, Italy, Russia, the United States, Great Britain, France, and Poland. A point system allows players to create balanced scenarios. Rules are provided for generating random scenarios.

Period WWII - European and African theaters
Scale Unstated. Each figure represents an individual combatant. Intended for use with 1/285 or 1/300 scale figures.
Basing Individual
Contents 52 plastic-protected pages of rules in a 3-ring binder, including five sheets of counters and templates (must be mounted and cut apart).
sheet of counterssingle-sided reference cardsheet of artillery templates
DesignerLon Harris (wulfshq@worldnet.att.net)
PublisherFirst edition published 1997 by Wulf's H.Q. Games

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Designer's Website
Includes rules examples, scenarios, and a schedule of demo games.
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