Panzer Tactics

Brief Description Complete yet quick-playing set of rules for battalion- and regimental-scale armored combat. The basic game provides the rules for tanks, infantry, and artillery. The advanced rules add engineers, air support, and airborne and amphibious operations. Data sheets and charts cover 140 U.S, British, German, Japanese, French and Italian vehicles. According to the designer, battalion-sized actions can be fought in about 20 turns (roughly four hours).
Period WWII, skirmish scale.
Scale 1" = 50 meters. One turn is 1-2 minutes (though "...players may assume that a variable amount of time is spent between each turn in indecision"). Designed for use with 1/285 scale figures.
Basing Vehicles are based individually. The rules suggest using 1 1/2" x 1/2" counters to represent infantry squads.
Contents 48-page spiral-bound rulebook, 3 reference sheets, 2 template sheets.
Designer Dennis Wang (wang@cedar.nrl.navy.mil)
Publisher Third edition published 1985 by Pioneer Simulations
A detailed description of Panzer Tactics is also available.

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