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Skullkrusher the Ejected (, Coach of the Death Raiders (8-3), writes:

Howdy, sports fans! Much has been made here of late about tournament-winning teams throwing entire leagues out of kilter because of their astronomical ratings.

Here in Western New York, we just completed the AFL-CIO Spike! Open Tournament, and the Dungeonbowl will begin in approximately 1 month.

The Spike! was won by the French Lickety-Splits, an Undead team. Their team rating went from about a 165 to a 185 or so with the win.

Conversely, the runners-up, my Death Raiders team (Orcs) went from a 185 to a 180 -- partly because they sank 60K into Freebooting 2 Goblin Fanatics, and partly because they lost Star Thrower Karg Vyragon, who had 31 SPPs at the time of his untimely demise.

This was our first tournament. I really don't think our teams are that much higher than a lot of others in our league. The Semi-Final Also-Rans are ranked right around this area: prior to their last game (against each other, coincidentally), the Skaven Blood Creek Bombers had a team rating of 165, and the Human Blood Sac's Avengers had a team rating of 157.

A Dark Elf team in our league is also up around 130 or so - he has quite a few good players, and is rebounding from his hideous 10-casualty game against the 'Splits earlier this year. The Oakland Druids, a Wood Elf team, has a team rating in the 140s (and it would be higher if they hadn't foolishly allowed Star Catcher Cliff Branch to die in their game against the Dark Elf Erengrad Deathstalkers).

This, you say, doesn't sound like your league? You want to know how this ever happened? You want to know why the tourney finalists aren't soaring away with the team ratings lead?

Well, here's what happened in our league. I'm providing the key elements I think helped create this balance, and in providing some comments and suggestions, I hope I can help some unhappy Commissioners along the way:

For myself, I can say this - I had a starting Orc team that was 7 Linemen deep. It had 2 Gobbos. It had 2 Throwers. It had the 1 Star Blitzer, and 1 Black Orc. While I picked up a Blitzer and another Black Orc as soon as possible, the team had a FF that was too low (2), and not enough beef for an Orc team.

I learned my lesson in the Spike! Final. I was planning on buying a Troll after the match, win or lose, but I ditched that plan in favor of developing 2 more Black Orcs. I'm tooling up to make sure I can physically beat on the Undead the next time I play them - which will be at some point during the Dungeonbowl playoffs.

But the point is, everyone learns from their mistakes and comes back stronger. Champs tend to figure that they did everything right the first time - so why change anything? That's why they get beat.

Personally, I don't expect the 'Splits to repeat as champions. I don't see anyone actually playing them between now and the Dungeonbowl (I know the Dark Elves have pledged never to play them again:). Meanwhile, everyone else is playing games - and my team is no longer feared by the great majority after I lost the Spike!, so more money should be rolling into my coffers any day now...:)

Well, after all this loquaciousness, I'm rather thirsty! And I hope this can be of some use to somebody out there.

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