Tyranid Team

Tom McCarthy ( writes:

I got into 40K to use my Space Hulk miniatures, then Advanced Space Crusade, etc.

Lately, I and my friends have converted many Fantasy Battle figures to join our Blood Bowl teams. We've used minotaurs, artillerists, wizards, and even 40K painboyz and a runtherd.

For ridiculous model reuse, try to beat this:

Tyranid Team

Tyranid110,0000-4 7 4 3 8-
Genestealer80,000 0-6 7 3 2 8 Extra Arms, Mighty Blow, Hypnotic Gaze
Magus60,000 0-1 6 3 3 7 Sure Hands, Hypnotic Gaze
Hybrids30,000 0-12 6 3 2 7-
Squigs30,000 0-4 5 2 3 6 Dodge, Stunty, one physical skill to match model
Hunter-Slayers30,000 0-4 6 2 3 7 Dodge, Stunty

And, For Big Guys...

Zoat 110,000 5 5 2 8 Sure Feet, Thick Skull
Carnifex 160,000 4 6 1 10 Claw, Razor Sharp Claws, Stand Firm, Thick Skull

Note that most of the team is very limited in skill selection. Squigs and hunter-slayers/termagants only get agility skills, others only get general skills, the Magus can get passing, general, and agility skills. Big guys get strength skills only, of course.

Carnifex Special Rules: The Carnifex may only burst the ball - he may not carry it or catch it. To throw a teammate, the carnifex must make an unmodified armour roll against them.

Tyranid Team Experience: The team doesn't gain experience in the usual way. The skills are gained by the whole team at one through the hive mind, with levels based upon twelve times the usual.

0-60 SPPsTeam has no skills
61-120 SPPsTeam members all have one skill
121-300 SPPsTeam members all have two skills
and so forth.




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