Optional Rules

The following optional rules are strictly unofficial. If you try one and you like it, let us know; if you think it should be changed, give us your suggestions.

To send in your own optional rules, send email to the editor.

Squig Football

That's right, a live squig as the football.

At the start of any turn, if the ball is on the ground, it "wanders." Roll for scatter three times and that's where it ends up.

When a player first picks up the ball, or catches it, or gets it in a hand off, he has to fight the squig. Make an Agility roll -- if you fail, your opponent gets to make an armor roll. If the armor roll succeeds, there is a -1 to the injury roll for characters with ST 3 or more (squigs are not likely to kill most players). Regardless of injury, the player now has a tight grip on the squig and play continues as normal.

-- Jesse Butler (butlerj@CSOS.ORST.EDU)

The Halfling Hot Pot

I feel halflings are rather short on nifty things, so here is a new "star player": The halfling hot pot. 120,000 gold.

The hot pot is actually 3 halflings and the pot. It cannot move, but the "crew" can. It cannot fire twice in a row, and for each missing crew member you add an extra turn to the wait. 2 crew members pull the "slingshot" back, and the third cooks. It fires in a 90 degree arc to the front, and the 2 pullers are to be together behind the pot.

The third must be reasonably close (three squares from pot). To fire, nominate a point and roll for scatter like a kick of (d6 squares in random direction), and then roll to scatter one more square in random dir. This is the point hit. Anyone in this square is knocked over, and so is anyone in adjacent squares on a 4+ (like bombs), orcs and goblins have a +1 to knock down, armor, and injury, while trolls automatically fail their armor roll.

Note: You may replace crewmen for 30,000, but more than three crew do not help. It is up to your gaming group as to if the crew can get spp, and note this is not a pass so is not affected by any skills.

-- Jesse Butler (butlerj@CSOS.ORST.EDU)

The Norse Team

Hi there, Blood Bowl fans. This is what a longboat from Nordica brought with it:

ST 3
AG 3
AV 8
Player Skills ListGeneral
MA 5
ST 4
AG 2
AV 9
Player Skills ListGeneral
MA 7
ST 4
AG 2
AV 8
Thick Skull
Player Skills ListGeneral
ReRolls70 000 GC (Wowsers)
The team is allowed to have Ogres in it. But no gigants.

The norse are humans in the ground, so I think that it is fair to give them normal human linemen. The blockers are an effect of the brutal life in the north, they are faster than the BOBs but less agile than the Chaos Warriors and therefore the price is changed. The price of the re-roll might be motivated by the lack of disipline the norse are known for(?), but as I looked at some test teams, I found out that the high price might force them to buy two from the beginning, not giving them so much cash to play with.

Now to the hotest subject: The Berserker. He is a unique player in the Blood Bowl game, MA7 and ST4. Frenzy is a natural skill for the enraged berserker. Thick Skull was recommended by a REAL norse coach, the berserker is so engulfed with rage that he can't wait to kill more, even though he is being beaten down.

Since the berserker is so expensive, you must use him in your tactics. I have NO idea of how these tactics look, but I think that it will be funny to play with the norse.

But hey, why does he not have Dauntless? Why should he, he's not pumping himself up to beat someone larger than himself, he's simply hacking and slashing around him, and if he meets a stonewall he is stopped.

-- Jacob Jonsson (

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