The Clash of Armor

Revised edition for '97?
Brief Description A game system designed "to capture the grand sweep and maneuver typical of WWII mobile combat." Uses a unique command system, in which leaders spend points to attempt to order their companies into action. Includes rules for air power, morale, engineering, and fatigue.
Period Second World War.
Scale Grand-Tactical. 20-30 minutes per cycle [both players' turns]. Ground scale is 1" = 66 yards, one "height level" is 30 feet. Each figure represents a platoon (of infantry or armor) or a battery (of artillery).
Basing Individual vehicles on 1" square bases. Suggests placing three infantry figures on a 3/4" square base to form an infantry stand.
Contents 64-page rules booklet, 2 player charts, 1 template sheet.
Designer David B. Reynolds
Publisher First edition published 1993 by Clash of Arms Games

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What You Think

Mark Serafin (mserafin@halcyon.com)

Same scale as CD (player is battalion commander, pushing platoons around). Built around a very innovative command and control system that shows the superiority of the German system. Unfortunately, as a game it is pretty unplayable.

Steve Pittman (SPittman@BEACHYHD.DEMON.CO.UK)

The firing/combat mechanisms are fairly simple and all revolve around one or two tables, so once you've learned how to fire one type, you can quickly pick up the rest.

The core of the game is the order system, you have a sort of initiative rating for each 'formation' CO (battalion) and this, coupled with the rating of the troops themselves determines how many orders and how well the troops will obey those orders. It works well, I have seen a green US tank unit having a lot of problems against a Veteran German one many times, which seems to be historically accurate, purely because the CO couldn't get them to attack as he planned.

I personally think they are the best rules I've seen for a long time, for small scale (1/300,1/200) but higher level games.

Michael T. Richter (mtr@globalx.net)

I prefer Clash of Armor to Command Decision. The command and control system is probably the best I have ever seen. Clash of Armor is probably the only WWII game I own which adequately explains the German successes in the early war when they had inferior equipment and numbers.

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