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Last Painter Standing Contest Entries

This page lists all of the entries received for the Last Painter Standing contest, starting with the most recent entry submitted. Click on the member's name to see the full entry. (70 entries)

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Well, because my girlfriend would be very proud of me ^__^

Seriously, I need a strong motivation to paint regularly, and this contest is perfect for this. Besides, I've never painted I-Kore minis and I think they're worth a try.

14th Brooklyn

I just want to mess with the best!


Hum... My english is not very good, but I will try to give a little explanation.

  • I really like i-kore products, especially the Celtos ones. As I planned to paint some of them anyway, this contest is a good opportunity.
  • I think that painting for a contest is a good way to improve our skills, because we really want to produce the best (or even better) that we can do. Like athletes, we can break our best score by trying to reach the other competitors' level. I don't know if that's very clear, but I understand myself ;o)

But enough words, it's up to you to decide if I can go into the finals...


I like having nicely painted figures on the tabletop as the "moving diorama," as some have called it. It is one of the appeals of miniature wargaming for me. I quit playing WW2 miniature games solely because painting the uniforms of that period is really dull.

I've been painting since 1987 but I do not consider myself a professional. Although I have sold some pieces for tidy sums, I paint primarily for fun and relaxation. In my semi-real life I'm a professional technical director and scenic designer in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.


I have been painting miniature figurines for wargaming for over twenty years and (fortunately) I have improved a fair bit in my painting technique. I have, however, become lazy about making the extra effort to learn how to produce that top of the line individual figure paint job. Give me the challenge and make me move up a new level! (At worst there will be someone in the competition you can point to and say "I could do as well as that!")


I haven't painted a mini in two years and I am curious if I've "still got it." My painting used to be pretty good, if I may say so myself. I like to convert mini's. Take a look at the picture - can you spot the different mini's and parts of mini's that are used?

If you select me, I will be forced to throw away all my dried up GW paints and buy a complete new set of Vallejo paints...

And I will make better pictures next time!

khaibar Igor

I should be a Finalist because:

  1. I love I-kore minis
  2. I can paint to very good level if I have the motivation
  3. I'm French, so you'll laugh a lot by reading my commentary with my poor English


Well, I string my bows. Put a bit right into my finger to do that.

So, you see, I'm willing to pour my blood, sweat, and tears (but mostly my blood) into every mini I'd lay hands on as a Finalist! So if you're secretly looking for a gory spectacle to occur during this contest, voting me as a Finalist brings such an event one step closer!


I've been painting miniatures only for 2 years and I think I'm quite good. My style is a bit strange, but maybe the people like Lord Aurelius anyway :-)

And I would like to be a Finalist, because you have to be one to have a chance of winning this competition.

Please give me a chance.


Been painting and gaming for 11 years, and I wanna know if all the effort is worth it.


Just trying my for me if you think my painting skill is good enough...



For God, Country, Mom's apple pie and the free swag.


The Reason that made me finally enter is I saw the new Celtos Vanir bagpipe-playing Dwarf and decided it was worth public scrutiny to get a chance to paint it.

Other Reasons:

  • I taught my nephew to paint miniatures at age 9. At age 13 he is good enough to make money selling painted miniatures if he had a way to. This contest is a chance to show him how to paint on a deadline and document the steps of your work in pictures so you can showcase it.
  • My best work is whatever I am currently painting, so I don't have pictures of it yet. My current project is 15mm Reaper Shadow Corp Dwarves for a Fantasy Rules! Hill Dwarf army that I am painting in a Highlander theme with each unit wearing a different tartan. I am painting them to play in a tournament next weekend. Actually most of my best work is completed under a deadline for a tourney, convention or demo.
  • I need more reasons to paint on a regular basis. "Sorry, Honey, I can't do that chore today, I have to finish my I-Kore painting contest miniature." Come on guys, help me out and make me a Finalist.

Pat Ripley

I've been painting for about fifteen years, and would say I'm a collector and painter rather than a wargamer.

I've only ever entered one other contest (because of the distance involved in getting to them).


Why should I be a Finalist?

Uhm....I'm not good at saying good things about myself, but here it is:

I love challenge, I love learning new skills, and I definitely love to hear feedback/critique from others. I think the Last Painter Standing contest is a great opportunity for me to push myself farther in my painting skill. So, vote for me, please :)


I can't tell you why I should be a Finalist, but I can tell you why I entered. I've gotten so much enjoyment from the information, tips, and friends I've made through TMP, that I figured it was time to take my participation to the next level.

I'd love to be a Finalist, and if I were chosen, you'd have the assurance that I would hit the deadlines and the articles would be clear and thorough (I'm a journalist by trade).


I run my mouth way too much, but here's a great way to put it to some use!

I've picked up a lot of good painting tips over the years, and if I am selected as a Finalist I will write some good articles about the figures I'm painting...and hopefully share some of the stuff I've learned. I'll throw in some step-by-step images as well.

If you are a painter who frequents the TMP, please consider entering. The TMP is a great resource for us all, and Bill deserves all our support.


Why Should I be a Finalist...well, why not!

First online comp I entered, so let's see where it goes.

Good Luck to everyone.


Am finding that I-kore figs tend to bring out the artist and artistry of miniature production in their simplicity, allowing the painter to bring the details to the table.

And for no other reason then I love to paint.


Because I'm a woman that games, and I want the world to know I paint better than my husband (CrossmanCollectables)!


Because the fig I submitted isn't a GW fig.

Oh, and if I win, I'll use the prize money to feed starving children and work towards world peace.


I'd like the freebies and a chance to get some photos out on the web - I've been painting for 20 years and there's no evidence online for it at all!

Also, trying to take the photo has entertained the entire office for the afternoon, especially given the subject matter.

Oh, and I'm vegan... ;-P


I would describe myself as a mid-level painter, and I'm always looking for ways to improve. Working on a new model every month in ranges I don't regularly purchase would give me good opportunities to try new techniques and polish my old ones.


Heaven only knows.


Nekron99 needs to be a Finalist, and Nekron99 says NEED instead of WANT, because it is more than a desire, it is very much a matter of life or death.

Seriously though, Nekron99 has never won a contest, but has entered several, and Nekron99 would like to match Nekron99's skills with others out there. Since we are all painting the same miniature, the painters will separate from the modellers, and there can be only one!

Vote for Nekron99!


I'm not going to bother shilling you why you should vote for me. You're not sheep - you know what you're doing.

I will give you an earbashing on why you should vote for someone though.

Bill sent out 100 mails to get the comp going. I-Kore fronted up with a ton of figs and some nifty looking loot.

A whole shawam of people painted their bums off getting figs ready for it.

And finally the best reason of all....You - yes - YOU could change someones life with the mere press of a button. Most people have to have their own nuclear weapons to feel that sort of maniacal power!


Fine people of The Miniature Page community:

Take pity on this poor soul. My wife and I just had twin girls, and now my miniature fund is going toward Hospital bills, baby formula and diapers.

Did I mention I'm the only boy in a small house with five girls!


I have been painting mainly fantasy miniatures for nearly 20 years. I have recently started painting historical miniatures and thought I would add one to the competition for something different.

I have won no less than 5 trophies during my painting career, and another would be great :)

Best of luck to all the entrants, and I would be honored to be a Finalist amongst the quality work that has entered the competition.

Errex I

I should be a Finalist because I think I have a pretty solid technique, and this would be a great opportunity to measure up against some of the finest painters out there.


I have been painting models for over 10 years, and I have helped 2 others, through coaching win a Golden and a Bronze Demon in Gamesdays.

I have never painted an i-Kore model before, and would be interested in trying my hand at the contest.

Patrick Sexton

I would enjoy the challenge, and who wouldn't look forward to the biting critisism and bon mots of their fellow gamers.

This should be a good time.

Zaphod Beeblebrox

I think I should be a Finalist because I enjoy sharing miniature art with others, and I like feedback so that I can get better with each miniature I paint!

Matt Currier

Why not?

I think my painting is of a resonable standard, and I would hope you think so too. If you think it's good, then let me through.

If not, I go back to my hole and eat mud. :)


My mate was in my room the other day with a cup of coffee. He was looking for somewhere to put it down, but every single flat surface (shelves, windowsill, wardrobe top, bookcases) was covered with miniatures, so he had to put it down on the floor!

I have a huge collection of miniatures from all the different manufacturers, especially a fledling VASA force and a Koralon army.

The one thing that motivates to finish painting display pieces is a deadline for a contest. This competition will be a great opportunity for me to show off my skills and will also give me a set of deadlines to conform to.


I've been painting armies for too long. I desperately need a break from rank and file. Just about everything I paint is GW (some Black Tree, too) and it would be a good excuse to get into a new manufacturer and game. :)

Just what I need - another game to spend my money on!!! Vote for me and prevent my kid from going to college!!!


I'm an average-to-above-average minature painter who's been involved in the hobby for 20 years. I'd like a chance to prove that my battlefield painting style can be just as impressive as an intensive/detailed style.

Splintered Light Miniatures

I have enjoyed being a part of the different TMP contests, and think I would do a great job painting the various figures.

I am currently teaching my wife to paint, and since I have had to think through the process to explain it to her, I think I could translate that into an article for ya'll to read.


I've been painting for almost as long as I can remember, certainly long before I was a serious gamer. During all that time I've had to be very selective of which minis I buy and paint. The vast majority of them are mainstream fantasy, usually chosen for a particular purpose.

If I am chosen as a Finalist, I'll finally be able to experiment with some more exotic pieces that I would never be able to justify buying for myself.


As an amateur painter of only one year, this is a chance to try to push my skill and exert myself a little further as a painter.

I'm first and foremost a gamer. It's just that my games sometimes take months of preparation. Often suffering from painful bouts of a short attention span, games can take even longer as I hop from army to army. Competing may very well push me to higher standards of painting, possibly hone skills by seeing masters work on the same figures at the same time. If anything it may prove I've come a long way since painting with Testors enamels in my youth.


I have been painting for almost 15 years. I enjoy painting anything and everything. I do not compete much, I am not sure why?

I have taught countless people to paint and improve their work over the years. I also do commission work and paint a ton for friends to play with. I have also worked briefly in the gaming industry and love any and all games.

I would love to have a chance at painting and showcasing some really nice miniatures. This contest seems as fun as it is challenging. I feel that my work is above average, but many tell me it is better then that. I doubt I could win a Golden Demon or anything.


Why Should I become a Finalist?

This is an interesting question. I don't regard myself as the number 1 painter in the world, though I would like to give it ago. I believe my painting skills are just as good as the next person's.

Not many Australians get the opportunity to enter painting competitions outside of Australia, so I also believe this is a good way to get recognition for our country. If I am chosen as a Finalist, it would be the ultimate boost in morale in having achieved such a feat.

To be a Finalist I believe I have what it takes and I hope you all throw a vote my way. Thanks.



I've been painting miniatures and gaming for several years. I could blather on incessantly about ink washes, 20/0 brushes, flock sifting, the advantages of white primer over black, but it's easier just to ask you to take an electronic wander over to and take a look around. If you like what you see, include me in your contest. If not, no hard feelings.


I think I'd make a great Finalist because being able to compete in a contest that promotes my addiction...I mean, a wonderful thing.

Hopefully, I will be able to pass on some useful tips that I have picked up over the last 15 years of painting. I also look forward to "brushing up" my technique using the secrets revealed by the talented folks who have also answered the challenge.

Let the paint slinging begin!


  1. I can Paint to a high standard.
  2. My shiny new digi cam has a super macro waiting to be tried out.
  3. I will write some decent modelling and painting articles with lots of pictures that everyone will find useful.

I am completely smitten with the I-kore miniatures, but lacking a local distrubuter have had little opportunity to paint any of them.

I have been in the hobby for quite some time but am new to the intenet community aspect of it, and in addition to being up for a good challenge, this seemed an ideal way to get to meet who was beyond my "electronic front door."


I should be a finalist because if I ultimatly win, I pledge to melt the trophy down into gold ingots and send one to each person on the web who didn't vote me out during the first round, and then send whatever is left to Greenpeace.....'s not gold? Oh. Really? Well then..I guess I'm just in it for the fame and cute chicks..... cute chicks and I'm married? Oh. Yeah, that's right. Okay, then if it comes down to it, I'm here for the fame.... one goes to this website? Hmmm. Well then, I just want to see how others think my painting stacks up against the competition (and it'll be humorous either way, I promise!).

I've got some painting experience behind me and I write game reviews from time to time, so I think that I could do a good job for both parts of the competition.


Oooo... I can come up with a grocery list of reasons why I'd like to be a Finalist!

  • I've never entered a contest before, but have wanted to for a while.
  • I just got a set of Shockforce rules and need some way cool minis to paint up. (And I can torture Warlock with the visions of what he'll face on the tabletop.)
  • I had to box up my painting/hobby desk to make way for a new baby, and I need incentive to get the new area set up.
  • It's a great way to get new miniatures in the house without feeling guilty. =D
  • Writing the articles for the Workbench would be fun and help me be better about documenting my painting process.

Lastly (and again), it's one more way to feed my habit...


I should be a Finalist because this is my first formal entry to any contest, ever. I've been painting for a while now, started with Partha and Grenadier and Testors' enamel.

I'd also like to paint some of the Celtos and Void miniatures. I have not painted any of these, but have painted some of I-Kore's Xyston range.


I haven't painted much in the way of i-Kore minis as of yet, so this seems like a perfect excuse to give it a go.

And let's be honest, free swag never hurt anyone, right?

Uzik al Faddim

My wife Jana talks so much about the site I had to come visit. There's nothing like a good competition to bring out the best work in everyone.

I like the Void figures as well. At last year's GenCon, I entered one of the Angels in the painting contest in a micro diorama I put together.

Perhaps in this contest something that isn't Warhammer will have a chance to win!


I will bring quality brush-man-ship, and a twist of unfortunate humor to this painting contest (see attached photo of Pink-Cattle-Axe...Get it?).

If selected as a finalist, I'll make sure the site gets a solid article for the Workbench, and lots of photos to go along. I represent the common gamer... I'm not a professional paintslinger, I am the middle-of-the-field guy who hopes to surprise everyone with some solid work.

So, choose me as your Finalist, because if you don't... who will?


I love painting I-Kore products. I have a whole Vasa and Viridian force all done up.

I have only painted a few Celtos figs and would love a chance to paint some more for this contest. So please vote for me and give me a chance to show off my painting skills.


Well, I've never been in a painting competition before. So I figured: "Why the heck not?"

This contest will definitely push the limits on my painting, and it's a perfect incentive to try out new techniques.


I've been painting with enthusiasm for ten+ years, but miraculously in this last year I actually got decent at it.

I enjoy painting so it looks good on the table, because what I paint I intend to play with. I've also done some conversions, as in this photo, which I've enjoyed...jamming together Tyranids and Call of Cthulhu figures seems faintly poetic but mostly unspeakable. Therefore a vote for me is a vote for the unheimlich.


  1. I've not entered a contest like this before.
  2. I've got about 20 years of painting experience.
  3. I love i-Kore minis, and can never have enough.

Soul oWar

Well I think you should choose me because I want you to choose me. Thank you :)


My grandmother needs a liver kidney transplant and with the help of the added publicity if I win this contest, I could get more for my painted figures and help save up so she gets it.

Mr Elmo

I should be a Finalist because:

  1. I have yet to enter or take part in any TMP contest
  2. I've always wondered what it was like to get voted off the island
  3. I'm hoping for the surprise ending where I get a million dollars :-)
  4. You get see my painted miniature instead of the demo tape in which I am naked.
  5. And finally, because I don't own any i-Kore products and this is your chance to get me into new a new game system and building even more armies.


I haven't entered any of the other contests - and I love i-Kore minis.

Also, I'm willing to be the first one voted out of the painting chamber if the majority of people think I should be - even if that is in the rules of this Paint Royale.


Howdy all! You should choose me as a finalist for a few reasons:

Number one:
I've got a proven track record as a very accomplished painter (I run my own painting business, and have won a number of painting awards and competitions). I paint to a very high standard consistently!!
Number two:
I'm very thorough with write ups that I do about painting and modelling. I'm interested in actually helping the people taking the time to read whatever it is I've decided to spout off about. You can see an example of this in the work I've done so far on the Giant Gor painting project.
I have the time to complete a project like this. I'm not a sporadic painter. I'm constantly painting figures and love doing it. I won't get burnt out a couple weeks in and drop out.

So there you have it! Most importantly though, you should pick me because I really wnat to do this and think that I can really make those I-kore figures shine!!

Dread Pirate Garness

I should be a finalist because I am darn good and I have the free time (since I didn't get to paint the purple gorillas).


Because I have been painting since 1980, and I really want the chance to paint these figures.

Besides, the trophy is really cool!


Cute little girl, 19 years old, 30mm high, of friendly character, is looking for some friends for gaming. She is so alone, give her a chance to meet some friendly miniatures, vote for her!


I should be a finalist because:

  1. I-kore and the Celtos line are what got me back into minis after a 15 year break, and I'm a fanatic for them!
  2. My painting style is crisp, neat, and pretty darn good.
  3. It will annoy the fellows @ my local GW, even more than sneaking Celtos minis into Warhammer armies in their store!

The nasties pictured here are from my BloodBowl team, the SheepShaggers. They'll be coming to your town, and if the coach is mad, well...nasty things could happen!


Because I am a good painter.


I should be a Finalist because while I think I can produce pretty good work on occasion, I don't actually produce much of it. I know there is a painter inside me somewhere. This contest could help let him out!

C'mon, I have a back-log of unpainted lead - I need a boost!


I don't like shouting victory without having it, but...Why I will win?

I want to win this Contest just because I love painting and my techniques are great. I will paint the miniatures with the best of me, and you will be surprised for that. It will be hard to win this Contest, but I'm sure I will be the winner.

I'm sure!!!

Rob Jedi

Why I should be a Finalist...mmm, well, I've been involved in Visions in Colour, Visions in Putty, been a winner in The Chick Painting Contests, Reaper's online painting comp, and have won various local painting comps including the Golden Demons. My CMON standing isn't too bad either.

Apart from that, I'm quite a fan of the sculpting in the Void and Celtos ranges, so I'd like to paint more of them.


I've been painting miniatures for eight years now, and playing wargames for six years. As a GW addict, I need a change of miniatures so I'd like to be in the I-Kore contest. Please help me and my wallet!

I'd also like to be a Finalist as a token of appreciation for my sister, who took the photos and made a very nice composition. (I can hold a brush, but working with a computer is like talking Chinese to me - I just don't understand it.)

Triskele Games Jason

  1. I can give pithy responses like "Reply Hazy, Ask Again Later."
  2. I've been looking for an excuse to pick up some more of the iKore lines, and getting some free product will encourage me to work on a full army.
  3. I'm not involved in any other competition so far, I'm new blood!
  4. ...okay, so there were really three.

At any rate, this comes down to the painting, not the wit, so I hope you decide to pick me for the contest. Thanks, all.