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Minidragon's Contest Entry

Why I Should Be a Finalist

Howdy all! You should choose me as a finalist for a few reasons:

Number one:
I've got a proven track record as a very accomplished painter (I run my own painting business, and have won a number of painting awards and competitions). I paint to a very high standard consistently!!
Number two:
I'm very thorough with write ups that I do about painting and modelling. I'm interested in actually helping the people taking the time to read whatever it is I've decided to spout off about. You can see an example of this in the work I've done so far on the Giant Gor painting project.
I have the time to complete a project like this. I'm not a sporadic painter. I'm constantly painting figures and love doing it. I won't get burnt out a couple weeks in and drop out.

So there you have it! Most importantly though, you should pick me because I really wnat to do this and think that I can really make those I-kore figures shine!!

Painting Sample
Angelique Lorraine D'Alsace Avignon, Female Vampire

Angelique Lorraine D'Alsace Avignon, Female Vampire. A runner up at the 2003 Chicago Games Day for Best Single Figure (fantasy).