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Last Painter Standing Contest Entries

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Scurvy's Contest Entry

Why I Should Be a Finalist

I'm not going to bother shilling you why you should vote for me. You're not sheep - you know what you're doing.

I will give you an earbashing on why you should vote for someone though.

Bill sent out 100 mails to get the comp going. I-Kore fronted up with a ton of figs and some nifty looking loot.

A whole shawam of people painted their bums off getting figs ready for it.

And finally the best reason of all....You - yes - YOU could change someones life with the mere press of a button. Most people have to have their own nuclear weapons to feel that sort of maniacal power!

Painting Sample
Bruce Lee Peachtree - Tong Enforcer

Bruce Lee Peachtree - Tong Enforcer. (A Cobalt 1 Aruk Commander.)

A quick waffle on the figure. He has been painted up as a Tong footsoldier with a Rum and Coke combat drug pack on his belt. He has inspired a new scenario called the Cherry Cola Boardroom Massacre. Ramen-IBM use the Hang Chang Tongs for a hostile takeover on Ford-Nuka Cola.