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Flo (
Space Hulk is a good game, with very easy to understand rules - heck, even my mother understands them!!!! But apart from the fact that strategy just streams out-of the game, it's still a "takin' a break from da real stuff" kinda game.

So, if you want some beautiful spaceship boardsections and some nice game miniatures, buy Space Hulk. It's a pity there aren't campaign rules, and that some of the missions are unbalanced. (Like 1:3, where Marines cannot win.)

Anthony Bried (
I've been a player of Warhammer 40,000 for a long time now. And was introduced about 4 years ago to Space Hulk and the suppliment Deathwing. I found them to be very fun. Not to mention more versatile due to the fact that you could pick and customize your squads.

I've played the new Space Hulk a couple of times and I'm not too impressed with it. Though it seems to "move" faster, I've found that the Stealers win about 9 out of 10 times. Not too impressed with flamers in the new game. Hope Games Workshop comes out with a new supplement soon for it.

Kris Peterson (
I just got back from purchasing Space Hulk today.

The rules are very simple. The Terminators seem really weak since they only have a 1/6 chance of hitting-killing a Genestealer. The models look great and can swivel all the way around. Overwatch is deadly and now there's Overkill fire. It's like super-sustained fire. The Genestealers are unstoppable in HTH.

One thing I'm not sure about is if blips count as Genestealer actions once they're uncovered??? I have played the first mission twice, with a win for both sides. I think it really depends on how many Genestealers are under each blip.

Overall I think it's a great game. Never played the first one though...

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