Simple rules for the Boxer Rebellion, with figures organized into platoons, sections, and troops. Figures are differentiated by weapon type and nationality/class (morale). Game system has players dice for the change to activate a unit or group of units, with a bad roll resulting in a random event. Combat results in casualties (loss of figure, reduction of morale) and hits (forces a morale check). Rulebook includes historical overview and sample of play.

Period Boxer Rebellion
Ground Scale 1" = 20 yards
Time Scale 1 turn = 2 minutes
Figure Scale 1 figure = 5 combatant
1 gun = 1 gun
Miniature ScalesDesigned for use with 15mm scale figures.
BasingRules suggest mounting figures individually, then using movement trays for units.
Contents 28-page, digest-sized booklet
Designer Tod P. Zechiel
Publisher First edition published 1999 by Cellmate Miniatures

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