Warring Empires

Brief Description These rules were designed to provide an entertaining game while accurately reflecting the command problems caused by firepower improvements in the late 19th Century. Units are given written orders at deployment. Leaders (and their initiative) are essential to change orders or to modify tactical positions. Line and column are the two formations; all other formations are considered factored into the unit ratings. Target priority rules limit who can fire upon whom. Units are rated in terms of Strength, which is randomly determined at the moment needed - it reflects manpower, training, and morale. Infantry weapons fall into six classes. Army lists are provided for the Russo-Turkish War (Turkish, Russian, and Romanian).
Period 1857-1885
Scale Each turn represents 15 minutes of combat. Ground scale is 1" = 100 yards. Intended for use with 2mm or 6mm scale figures.
Unit Type # of figures size of base
(width x depth)
Infantry battalion up to 20 75mm x 5-10mm
Cavalry regiment 8-12 60mm x 7.5-10mm
Artillery battery 3-4 gun models 30-40mm x 7.5-10mm
Contents 14-page digest-sized rulebook, with double-sized reference card
Designer Chris Pringle
Publisher First edition published 1992 by Chris Pringle

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