Fields of Honor

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Brief Description This flexible game system allows players to fight battles in the smoothbore, rifled musket, and modern rifle eras. A "multiple scale" system allows any size battle to be played with the number of miniatures available. The advanced rules provide a command system. Army lists are provided for 20 wars.
Period 19th Century (1830-1902)
Scale Variable. Depending on scale selected, the basic maneuver unit is the section, company, battalion, regiment, or brigade. Time per turn depends on scale, ranging from 5 minutes to more than a half hour. Ground scale likewise varies, from 1" = 2 yards to 1" = 132 yards. Each infantry stand represents (depending on scale chosen) from 3 men to almost 400 men; one artillery stand represents 1-8 guns.
Basing Any basing system can be used, though the rules suggest placing 3 infantry figures on a 1" wide x 3/4" deep base; for cavalry stands, 2 figures on 1" x 3/4" base; one gun per artillery stand, with four gunner figures. The suggested base size is for 15mm miniatures, and is proportional for anything that is larger or smaller.
Contents 120-page rules booklet, with two removable player charts.
Designer Shane Lacy Hensley (PEGShane@aol.com)
Publisher First edition published 1994 by Pinnacle Entertainment Group in association with Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment

A detailed description of Fields of Honor is also available.

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The publisher announced (in '95) an intention to publish additional army lists and a campaign system:

This is Shane Hensley. We are going to put out a book tentatively called Fields of Honor: Through the Ages that will cover all wars from the Seven Years War up. I've played a complete campaign of the American Revolution.

We're also going to release the campaign rules soon (Legacy of Honor). We're playtesting Napoleon's Campaign into Russia right now--and the French are having a hard time of it. I'm currently slogging through the Prippet Marshes trying to pin down the Russians in Nappy's 1812 campaign. We fought an 80,000 man French force vs. a 100,000 man Russian Army today in about 8 hours. (Eugene got jumped by Barclay de Tolly.--that dirty rat.)

Unfortunately, these projects have been cancelled. We asked Charles Ryan of Chameleon Eclectic whatever became of the manuscript:

Though I believe that most of the content was created, I do not believe that the manuscript was ever finalized - it certainly never made it into editing. Whatever exists is in the hands of the author (Shane Hensley).

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