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John R. "Buck" Surdu (
This is supposed to be the first in a series of books. The production values are very good, and the editing was well done. The authors have done a great job selecting interesting scenarios. The reason this is called "Skirmish Campaigns" is that the book provides information to link the various skirmish scenarios into a mini campaign, in which the outcome of one skirmish affects which scenario is played next and to some extent the forces involved.

The other really brilliant aspect of the booklet is that the forces involved in each scenario have a base force and a table to roll for additional forces that would likely have been available. This makes playing the same scenario over and over interesting, because the force mixes will rarely be the same.

The campaign description at the front of the book is well written, informative, and interesting. If you want a primer on a less-studied campaign, this is as good a starting point as any Osprey book - with all the scenarios to boot. There have been lots of scenario books published, but this one is really unique, and well worth the money I paid. Five stars! I am eagerly awaiting the France 1940 and Poland 1939 books that are planned!

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