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What's a scenario? Basically, it's a gaming situation, including sufficient information so that you can "play it out":

  • a map of the battlefield (tabletop)
  • orders of battle (troop lists)
  • set-up directions
  • victory conditions

Some scenarios go well beyond these basics, and may include historical background, briefings for either side, bibliogrpahies, or even painting directions.

Some of these books are designed to be used with any ruleset, and their scenarios are presented in generic form. Other books listed here were designed for a particular ruleset, and will require adaptation to use with other rules.

Also note that scenarios written for a particular scale will often be difficult to convert to another scale. For instance, an infantry-skirmish level scenario might involve 20 men and an armored car defending a road junction. That works fine as an infantry skirmish scenario, but doesn't make much sense if you try to convert it for use with a company-level ruleset, where 1 model = 1 company of armored cars!

SkirmishCampaigns Norway!

Battalions in Crisis: Module I, 1943
Battalions in Crisis: Module II, 1943-45
Red Devils in the Night

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