Supplemental Products

Module I: 1943

This 62-page supplement contains new data sheets for the weapons and vehicles of 1943, in addition to five new scenarios.

The 50 pages of data include information for 45 new vehicles, plus other weapons. Germany, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the USA are all represented. Most of the weapons made their combat debut in 1943 (such as the German Nashorn and American M18 Hellcat), but all of the vehicles were active in 1943 (including the Panzer IIIG Flamethrower, available from 41-43).

Also on the useful weapons list is a generic anti-tank rifle.

The scenarios are:

Night Action on the Faid-Sbeitla Road, February 1943
A night encounter between an advancing, victorious German column and a desperate impromptu gaggle of American defenders.
Blocking Action on the Road to Gela, July 1943
An Italian motorized infantry company counterattacks during the Allied landings on Sicily. American paratroops must gather themselves together and organize a defensive position. The Italians are using captured French armor.
The Assault on Syrtsevo, July 1943
During the Battle of Kursk, a German battle group assaults the Russian defensive line.
Salerno Beachhead, September 1943
An American Regimental Combat Team must make a second attempt to take a tobacco factory on a strategic rise. A German battalion is on the defense.
Tarawa, November 1943
Two American battalions are ashore on Tarawa, but just barely. They must cross the sea wall and assault the Japanese bunker system.

Module II: 1943-45

This supplement is similar to Module I, except that it covers the 1944-1945 period. The 62-page product includes 40 pages of data sheets, plus new rules and scenarios.

New data is provided for the USA, Great Britain, Germany and the USSR. Among the weapon systems covered are 37 new vehicles, most of them entering service in the 1943-1944 time period (two variants of the Soviet T70 light tank served from 1942-1945). Convenient new platoon rosters are provided for the four major combatants, with squad organizations already filled out. A few new infantry weapons have been added (such as carbines), and anti-tank weapons and mortars are now included on the rosters.

The new rules cover spaced armor, high-velocity weapons at long range, rockets, and multi-barreled weapons. A new system now allows players to construct balanced scenarios based on points.

The new scenarios are:

North End of the Neder Rijn Bridge, September 1944
British paratroops must hold out in Arnhem until reinforcements break through. A nearby German recon unit is ordered to recapture the bridge at Arnhem.
The Battle for Marvie, December 1944
American light infantrymen must halt a German advance during the Battle of the Bulge.
Armored Banzai Charge on Peleliu, September 1944
A Japanese counterattack force attempts to drive the American invaders back into the sea.
Village Clearing Operation, 1944
During the Drive Across France, an American reinforced platoon must clear German defenders from a small French town.
Russian Blitzkrieg, 1944
Strong Russian forces have broken through the front lines, and the Germans must make a fighting withdrawal. A Soviet combined arms battalion comes up against two German kampfgruppen.

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