Note: Some of the following items are available as part of various boxed sets, or can be purchased separately.

The Jumpstart Rules

To help players new to this game system, the Jumpstart rule booklet includes just enough of the rules to allow gamers to play a "typical" Guadalcanal night surface engagement.

There is a one-page summary of the rules, then twelve pages of extracts from the main rules, followed by the scenario instructions. It is necessary to refer to the main rulebook during play, however, since it contains the game charts.

The Rising Sun Data Annex

The Annex which comes with the Rising Sun game set covers the period from December 1941 through November 1943 in the Pacific Theatre.

Forty-eight pages list the ships of Australia, Great Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States. Fifty-three pages cover the statistics for weapon systems and sensors. Twenty-nine pages describe the aircraft of the combatant nations.

At the back of the book are several blank forms, rules for randomly determining time of day and sea state for a scenario, and the Cumulative Probability Table (the one teasingly refered to in the main rulebook as being on

The Naval SITREP

The Naval SITREP is Larry Bond's naval wargaming newsletter. (Formerly, this newsletter was published by GDW.) It covers both Command at Sea and Larry's modern naval combat game, Harpoon.

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