Scenario Book

The scenario book contains a blend of scenarios from the first half of the Pacific War, including air and submarine actions as well as surface engagements.

The scenarios (mostly historical, some hypothetical) cover several periods:

The Initial Japanese Attacks
(including Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the Prince of Wales)
11 scenarios
Japan's Indian Ocean Adventure 1 scenario
The Doolittle Raid 1 scenario
Battle of Coral Sea 6 scenarios
Midget Subs 2 scenarios
Battle of Midway 7 scenarios
Guadalcanal 13 scenarios
Battle of the Komandorski Islands 1 scenario
The Central Solomons 12 scenarios

Also tucked into this booklet is a bibliography, plus a handy chart for determining which types of floatplane a ship might be carrying, depending upon the year of the fighting.

Sample page of book

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