There are two Rising Sun countersheets:

Countersheet 1, Planes and Markers
Picture of the Plane Counters This sheet provides 1/2" x 1/2" counters, most of which depict American and Japanese aircraft. The plane counters show a color illustration on one side, and a generic sillouette ("large" and "small") on the reverse side. Markers on this sheet include torpedo spreads, datum (torpedo launch point) markers, fire and illumination markers, and a periscope.
Countersheet 2, Ships
Picture of the Ship Counters This sheet contains 1/2" x 1" ship counters, with color illustrations on one side and generic sillouettes (large, medium, and small) on the reverse. The illustrations are not to scale, but instead fit the size provided on the counters. The illustrated side of the counter also includes the ship's class name and abbreviation, and a national flag (Japanese, American, and Australian). Non-combatant ships are generic.

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