Proposed Changes in V1.1

Buck Surdu writes:

While I am looking for someone to really publish BAPS, I keep tinkering with the rules. I usually print the rules right before a major convention. The next printed copy of BAPS will be very close to version 1.1; however, there will be two small changes, and players may want to pen these in now.

The defense factors will be changed to:

Stationary 3
Moving 1
Rushing 4
Sprinting 2

These rules have been under development for over three years. The old defense factors are a legacy of when the time scale for BAPS was different. I think that these new ones make more sense. There will also be an optional rule which adds 1 to the defense factor for a suppressed soldier if he is stationary.

In the next release, there will be an addition to the Attack Factors For Special Weapons chart which includes light and very light mortars - the types that are generally on the board during a BAPS game. The information is:

very light < 4" 4.1-40" 40.1-200" 200.1-250"
light < 6" 6.1-50" 50.1-350" 350.1-400"
first shot no shot 12-20 10-20 15-20
subsequent no shot 6-20 4-20 4-20
scatter distance none 1d6 1d10 2d10

I am presently adapting the rules for French and Indian Wars. Eventually, I will have a set that covers approximately Seven Years War to the end of the Civil War, with different chart cards for different specific periods with the same basic mechanics for each.

For instance, in the French and Indian War variant, Indians, Courier Du Bois/Rangers, Regulars, Grenadiers, and Militia each have slightly different random orders charts. This helps make the various troop types feel different. Also some simple C2 rules like leaders of one type have great difficulty giving orders to troops of a different type -- can you see regulars obeying some militia officer?

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