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The Official 40K Website Maintained by Games Workshop U.S. Not a lot of information, but there is a news page and a variety of photos.
The 40K Q&A Website Part of the Gates of Fenris website. This Q&A page is officially recognized by the designers at Games Workshop.
Charles Laine's 40K Registry This is the unofficial central registry for all of the personal 40K webpages out there. I'm supporting his campaign to make his webpage the coordinating center for all 40K links. To add your page to his list, send email to Charles at Charles_Laine@baylor.edu.
Our Local 40K Webpages A variety of articles and resources right here at THE MINIATURES PAGE

Our Local 40K Web Pages

What is Warhammer 40,000 about? An essay by Games Workshop U.S. netrep Tim Huckelbery.
Styles of Play Our discussion about the "right way" to play the game...
Tactics How to win consistently.
Differences Between First and Second Edition How 40K has changed in different editions.
Fiction Contest The winning entry from this month's fiction contest.
Figure Conversions Ideas for bashing together your own 40K miniatures.
Battle Reports A rotating collection of battle reports.
Rules Clarifications Our unofficial collection of rules wisdom. However, please visit the Q&A site mentioned above for a more comprehensive list of rules questions.
Building An Army Ideas on how to start acquiring figures.
Waagh! The editor puts together his first Ork army.
The Index to White Dwarf Articles Check our Periodicals section for information about the online White Dwarf article index.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazines Webpage Several magazines devote themselves solely or partially to 40K. For more information, visit this webpage.


For those with access to the Usenet news groups, you can find messages about 40K in rec.games.miniatures.warhammer

There are also two 40K mailing lists, one at SWCP and another at IGCOM. Both lists are high traffic and fairly civil (the editor notices little difference between them).

SWCP was created by Alan Hoch (AlanH@sjhs.org), and is "GW positive." There is an associated webpage.

To subscribe to the SWCP 40K mailing list, send "subscribe" in the body of the message to "war40k-l-request@swcp.com." To unsubscribe, send "unsubscribe" to the same address.

To subscribe to the IGCOM list, send a message with subject 'subscribe' to "40k-list-request@igcom.net." To unsubscribe from this list, send a message with subject 'unsubscribe' to the same address.


Official Games Workshop Representatives

Send rules questions to roolzboyz@games-workshop.com. Send all other mail to custserv@games-workshop.com. The official 40K netrep (online representative) is Tim Huckelbery (tyranid@aol.com).

Ork Army Spreadsheet
Bruce R. Bierbaum (izzyvet@msn.com) sends in this spreadsheet for use with Ork armies. It is available in Microsoft Works and MS Excel formats. The instructions:

Type in column A the amount needed. Add the armour, weapons, wargear in columns I,M,Q. Add the amount in columns J,N,R. Put the cost in columns K,O, S. FOR MULTIPLE BATTLES OR BATTALIONS, type over the totals in columns V ( W, X,then Y) , and space bar any blanks. THEN type the amounts wanted in column B(J,N, &R), and the totals will go in column W. This can be used for 5 batallions, or 5 battles with reinforcements after each battle. Simply "space" the dead, write the letters, and get on with life. If you put the army total on line F2 the program will show you Total spent (F3), Characters(F4), mobs (F34) & support (F48) totals throughout the program. Mobs section will also show you (G34) how close you are to the magic 25%. Vehicles section will show (G48) you how much more you have to spend.

We recently played a 5 battle war where we were allowed to reinforce with 1000 points after each battle. The losers would get more cover, or some other advantage, so the game waged back and forth. I set this spreadsheet up to track who survived, and to see my reinforcements kept the 25% mob ratio, and to track the war.

40K Icons

Patrick Marstall (marstall@aol.com) tells me that a set of 40k icons are available for downloading as fonts:

The 40K Fonts v2.0 are now available. There are four versions, two big ones (~150K) and two small ones (~20K).

The small files are the first (generic) versions that I put out earlier. These are two versions of the same font -- a PC (zipped) and a Mac version (stuffed). The font itself is a collection of icons from 40K, such as the Blood Angel symbol, the symbols for the various craftworlds, Chaos symbols, the glyphs for the various Chaos Marine chapters, etc.

One of the larger files is the PC True Type fonts, zipped with PKZip. The other is the Mac True Type fonts, stuffed with Stuffit Deluxe. Each of the larger files contains several seperate True Type fonts:

  1. "Orky" is a bunch of ork glyphs and symbols
  2. "Eldar" is a mess of Eldar runes and symbols
  3. "Marines" is a collection of marine Chapter symbols and generic Marine squad symbols
  4. "Imperial" is a jumble of Imperial Guard army symbols, Inquisition symbols and other Imperial icons
  5. "ChaoSquat" is a catch-all with Chaos, Squats and Tyranid Icons

There is also an attached "readme" file with a more complete index of what's in what font.

The fonts are at kewlaid.highfiber.com, in the /pub/rpg/games/miniatures/WH40k/ directory:

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