Rules Clarifications

This web page is dedicated to archiving the answers to rules questions which have come up during Net discussions. We also sometimes delve into the reasoning behind certain rules.

Unless otherwise noted, nothing here is official -- just someone's opinion. (We do try to give actual rules references when possible.) Official answers from Games Workshop are captioned as such. Doug Lister is a rep for Games Workshop. Andy Chambers is of course known to us all.

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Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Do ally contingents have to follow the normal army list limitations for troop types such as having to have one Commander/General figure and 25% of points spent on squads etc., etc.?

Andy Chambers: Yes

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: For alliances of different races, perhaps you could make a chart similar to the one for Man Of War with some interesting effects on the game. Imperial lists have grenade launchers in the Special Weapons section instead of the Heavy Weapons section, allowing characters to buy them and sit far back from the action firing all kinds of interesting grenades without being able to be shot at because of the rules covering shooting at characters.

Andy Chambers: The're in for scout squads. G/L is now a basic weapon + most interesting grenades can only be thrown.

Toh Yung Cheong (law10031@leonis.nus.sg) asks: Can Blood Angels take Space Wolf allies?

Doug Lister: No.

Toh Yung Cheong comments: Explain to me why in WD Space Wolves can take Ultramarine allies, and why Ultramarines can take Blood Angels allies...


Steve Woodward (Steve_Woodward@hpc600.desk.hp.com) asks: Can models with weapons that are not on their race list use them?

Games Workshop: Yes, Though this should not be taken that you can use any weapon with any race. This should be kept to as molded models, examples given Harlequins with plasma pistol, Hand webber.

Steve Woodward (Steve_Woodward@hpc600.desk.hp.com) asks: What are the new points costs for heavy webber and conversion Beam projector, if still able to use?

Games Workshop: 50 points each.

Steve Woodward (Steve_Woodward@hpc600.desk.hp.com) asks: Will the data faxes for the Gob smasher, Daemonic robot of Khorne come out with their related codexes?

Games Workshop: Probably.

Khaine@aol.com asks: Will the blood slaughterer be returning?

Andy Chambers: No.

Khaine@aol.com asks: According to the Space Wolf Codex, you can arm all of your Wolf Guard with assault cannons and cyclone missile launchers. Is this correct?

Andy Chambers: No. Cyclones can only be combined with storm bolters. ALL SPACE WOLF PLAYERS NOTE!!!!

James Tisdel jtisdel@hpap63.spd.dsccc.com asks: When purchasing a force on points, is there an official upper limit (percentage of points) for purchasing War Gear Cards, or is the number of War Gear cards allowable by each character the only limit?

Andy Chambers: The latter. If this is problematic, though, impose your own limit.

Toh Yung Cheong (


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Chaos Hounds have one wound in the Codex Imperialis and 2 wounds in the army list.

Andy Chambers: One wound, Codex Imperialis prevails.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: The text in the Codex Imperialis seems to indicate that any Chaos Marine character is a Chaos Champion and gets bonuses, depending on the Chaos power. The army list says nothing about this. So is this a free thing that I just decide to put on all my character models, or should some point cost have been listed?

Andy Chambers: Free.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) suggests: I hope Khorne will keep its hatred of magic users, and the Khorne/Slaanesh and Nurgle/Tzeench rivalries will continue and not be diluted like they are in Space Marine.

Andy Chambers: Depends -- a 'race' that subdivides into four army lists is a pain.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) says: It would be nice if Chaos Marines could be bought in units of 5-10 so they could be purchased in units of the Chaos Power's number, as the demons can. Chaos Hounds have one wound in the Codex Imperialis and 2 wounds in the army list.

Andy Chambers: Oops.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Why do Demons have a BS -- none of them can have shooting weapons, or can they?

Andy Chambers: No, they have BS to prove how good they could be if they did use guns.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) notes: It would appear that a Noise Marine Champion, Chaos Magus, Beastman Champion and Cultist Coven Leader can have Terminator Armor.

Andy Chambers: The only one I have a problem with is the Beastman champion - still it should be limited to traitor Marines, really.


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Will there be specific aspects for Exarchs?

Andy Chambers: No.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: I have a bunch of Guardian miniatures with plasma guns -- should I throw them out, since plasma guns are not in the Eldar Wargear List?

Andy Chambers: Take a close look -- are they plasma guns or melta guns? The Eldar melta gun does resemble a plasma gun.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) bemoans: The figures I have are shown in the Mega Catalogue Section 1, page 90, upper right-hand corner, 071519/36 -- plasma guns!


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: The Imperial Guard list seems a bit short of character types: one Colonel, two Tech-priests and some Commissars. It seems like there should be a Captain or two available. Bolters really need to be available as tactical/support squad upgrades for the Guard to have any chance at all in a battle. (Of course, there's also the fact that I have nine fully painted squads equipped with bolters that will have to be chucked if this isn't an option.) The assault squads need both jump packs and trooper weapons upgrades to be able to have any effect in close combat.

Andy Chambers: Guard use lasguns - end of story. But if you want to upgrade your P.D.F., 1 point per model is fine. Not sure about assault squads.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) notes: The Penal Legion squads may have Frenzon but have no close combat weapons!

Andy Chambers: They are there to be punished!

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Most other army list Heavy Weapons have targeters, but the Imperial Guard don't?

Andy Chambers: Eldar, Space Marine, Squats

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Veteran squads should probably be able to be made into assault squads with the addition of assault weapons, additional armor, jump packs and a special weapon.

Andy Chambers: Maybe.

Khaine@aol.com says: The mole mortar is far too acurate. It could be easily fixed by adding a "to hit" roll.

Andy Chambers: The Imperial Guard Codex will have new mole mortar rules.

Steve Woodward (Steve_Woodward@hpc600.desk.hp.com) asks: How do you points-cost a Predator for use by Imperial Guard, add weapons to vehicles, and account for different BS skill, lack of targeters?

Games Workshop: The agreed suggestion was take the weapons at the Marines' cost value and re-add them at the Imperial Guard cost. The same applies for Eldar -- when adding, say, an extra scatter laser to a war walker, take the cost of a support weapon minus crew (as this includes the cost to mount the weapon).

Steve comments: It was asked why one would want to have Imperial Guard crewing. Well, they're cheaper, and if you're fighting Marines there would seem to be a conflict of interest (Well, why not?).

Khaine@aol.com asks: Will imperial jet bikes be returning?

Andy Chambers: No.

Khaine adds: But GWUK mail order told me they are having a sale on jet bikes, so who knows what will happen.


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: With no limits on the number of Tech Marines, I can see squads of them riding bikes, wearing Displacer fields and flinging Vortex grenades right and left! Perhaps a limitation of X Tech Marines per 1000 points?

Andy Chambers: Max of 2 Vortex Wargear Cards + max of 50% of points can be spent on characters. But yeah, 1 Tech Marine per Tactical squad is about right.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Can characters buying Terminator Armor also purchase a power sword as well? Sergeants in the Terminator squad can have them, so characters should also be able to have them.

Andy Chambers: Yes


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) says: The Orks have not been doing at all well in our games, whether they are fighting Marines, Eldar or Chaos. I hope that this has to do with the fact that most of their heavy equipment and vehicles are not available yet.

Andy Chambers: Having played with and without, I can tell you they need Buggys, Scortchers, Shock Attack guns etc.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) says: I have lots of Gretchin with shotguns and blunderbusses. I hope they will be added to the army list so I can use these miniatures.

Andy Chambers: In Codex Orks, yes.


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) suggests: Bikes need to be available for personalities.

Andy Chambers: Yes


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Where are the Zoats?

Andy Chambers: The Wargear List needs to have the vehicles mentioned under support added to it.


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Under which visibility conditions may a model charge another one?

Andy Chambers:


Khaine@aol.com asks: Can stormbolters be used in close combat?

Andy Chambers: No.

Toh Yung Cheong (


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: What is the armor value for woods and hedges for collisions?

Andy Chambers: 4-8, I guess (and it is a guess).


Khaine@aol.com asks: Are all Daemons immune to photon flash, radiation, choke, hallucinogen?

Andy Chambers: NO.


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Does a Demonic aura save against a Hellfire psychic attack?

Andy Chambers: Yes


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: The card says: "activating on a roll of 3 or more on a D6 whenever the wearer is hit." All other armor types in the game, including other fields, only activate after the wearer is wounded, not hit. The original rules for Displacer fields also say, "responds to any combat or shooting damage..." ie. wounds. Is the word "hit" a typo that should read "wound"?

Andy Chambers: Yes

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: How does one work out the effects of multiple shots from a squad or a sustained fire weapon? If multiple shots hit/wound, must the character make saves against all of them and then, assuming successes, go bouncing around the battlefield?

Andy Chambers: No

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Or must each hit/wound be saved and moved separately, leading to the possibility that the character will displace out of the LOS of the squad/weapon on the first hit and no longer be able to be hit by shots that have already "hit" him? In other words, do multiple hits not need to be saved if the target moves out of the LOS of the shooter?

Andy Chambers: No, make multiple saves and then displace once.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: The other question with this sentence involves the words "out of the area of effect." Does this mean completely out of the area? If the model remains partially in the area of effect, does he: (A) Not save automatically because he is not "out of the area of effect," or (B) Does the shooter roll for partial base coverage as with other weapons?

Andy Chambers: B.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: The last Displacer field question regards characters that have caught fire after being hit with a flamer. Since the field "...a proximity detector which activates the warp drive when it picks up incoming shots, psychic attacks or combat blows. Does a wearer receive a save to the "catching on fire roll"?

Andy Chambers: No

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Is the field effective to a character already on fire?

Andy Chambers: No

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: In a multiple close combat with a single Displacer equipped model, does a Displacer equipped model make his save (displace) (A) After fighting each opponent, or (B) Does he save against all of his opponents' wounds at the end of the close combat, and then displace only once?

Andy Chambers: In multiple hand to hand combat, life gets very tricky. I would say roll the saves as you go along and displace once at the end of the fight. This is a bit gawky, but otherwise --


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: A "one" roll on the Body Damage Table has the following result: "The Dreadnought may only move or attack if you first roll a 4+ on a D6." What does attack mean? Shoot? Make a close combat attack only?

Andy Chambers: Roll for shoot, roll to fight H to H.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Does the rule mean the DN may move and fire if it makes the roll?

Andy Chambers: No

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Does the rule mean the DN may only move or only fire if it makes the roll?

Andy Chambers: No

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Does the rule mean the DN may move if it makes a first roll and may fire if it makes a second roll?

Andy Chambers: Yes

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Result 2 on the Leg Damage Table states "The Dreadnought is knocked sprawling. It staggers D3" in a random direction, colliding into anything moved into." If The DN is in close combat when this happens, does this A. End the close combat or B. Do its (multiple) opponents manage to stay with it as it staggers around, allowing them to continue their close combat attacks?

Andy Chambers: B

Khaine@aol.com asks: Can Rhinos still transport Dreadnoughts, as the original data card from the 40k boxed set indicates?

Andy Chambers: No.


Khaine@aol.com asks: Does carapace armor provide protection from gasses?

Andy Chambers: Depends on the model --

Khaine@aol.com asks: Does rune armor provide protection from gas weapons?

Andy Chambers: YES.


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Nowhere does it say that a model gives up its shooting phase if it hides. This allows an already hidden model (Hiding and Moving rules) to move up behind cover and stay hidden during the movement phase (avoiding overwatch fire) and then fire in the shoot phase. Does a figure give up its shoot phase if it hides?

Andy Chambers: No

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: Under the Hiding rules, it says that any model with a communicator will be aware of detected models. Do all troops have communicators? Beastmen? Demons? How does one determine which figures have communicators?

Andy Chambers: Common sense (a bit lame I know, but listing them all isn't viable).

James Tisdel jtisdel@hpap63.spd.dsccc.com asks: Does a psyker who is hidden loose his hidden status if he uses a psychic power?

Andy Chambers: Depends on the power, but usually, yes.


Khaine@aol.com asks: Does a harlequin holo-suit modifier count if he is riding a jet bike?

Andy Chambers: No.


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: LOS, Shooting through other models: "Interposing models block the line of sight in the same way a interposing terrain. This means that it is not possible to fire through a model to a target beyond" Does this LOS blockage refer to the area of the figure's base or just to the figure itself?

Andy Chambers replies: Figure

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: In the "Line Of Sight Diagram" on page 27 of the rulebook, Marine A can see both Ork 2 and Ork 1? How tall are those hills?! Ork 2 is standing within 1/2 inch of a building that is at least 2-1/2 to 3" tall - the hill would have to be at least 15-20" high for that Marine to see that Ork, and in the case of Ork 1, woods are generally taller than buildings! Does the "models eye view" described on page 26 not apply in certain situations?

Andy Chambers replies: No -- I'm sorry we couldn't supply a hologram, only a diagram.

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) asks: GW has made a major change in allowing models to see over intervening linear obstacles (depending on obstacle and figure height), and this is causing a bit of confusion.

Andy Chambers: The basic idea behind linear obstacles is that if a model is hiding (including moving while hiding), it stays below the level of the obstacle. If not, it is standing up and can see/shoot over it depending on the model height. This means how close you are to the obstacle isn't necessarily relavent. Previously it was assumed that models always ducked below obstacle level as a matter of course, but we found in practice that this was excessively weird so we changed it.


As part of another discussion on the war40k mailing list, someone (whose name was lost from the thread) wrote:

Oh no no no. You are not allowed to Measure anything before moving or firing. You are not even allowed to look at a ruler to gauge the distance.

To which Fabio Fontana (fabiof@aifh.ed.ac.uk) wrote:

This is a bit of a silly rule for 40K (in fact, it comes from WHFB). You would imagine that at least Marines and Eldar would have range finders built in their helmets. And what about all the targeters which go with heavy weapons?


Wellllll...can't we just say 'fog of war' and move on?? :)

Honestly - that rule's there as a play balance. You could make a pretty good arguement for range-finders, but I like the uncertainty that comes from not knowing your range until after you declare firing. Movement is even more so! Otherwise, players (especially us nasty Eldar players :) will exploit our charge distances...

Don't forget the 'wonky ranges' in 40K - they're ridiculously short...again, for play balance. If bolters & shuri-cats had a reasonable range (say, 40-60 inches) then nothing would survive till the 3rd turn except for those figures cowering behind hard cover! Another example of play balance running rough-shod over realism. :)

All IMO (of course! :)


Khaine@aol.com asks: Does overwatch fire only happen in the movement phase, or does it happen any time an eligible target appears, i.e. hidden troops open fire, a psyker teleports into LOS in the psychic phase?

Andy Chambers: Whenever eligible targets appear.


Steve Woodward (Steve_Woodward@hpc600.desk.hp.com) asks: Do Noise Marines affect all psykers?

Games Workshop: Yes. Though advised not to use as old rules, as these were being updated to fit in with the new psychic system.

Steve Woodward (Steve_Woodward@hpc600.desk.hp.com) asks: What do you do if you run out of Psychic power as you are using alot of Psykers, or you wish to have a chance of duplicating some of the powers as was possible in the old system. (e.g. A warlock and a farseer both having Doom)?

Games Workshop: Buy another set of Dark Millenium.

Khaine@aol.com asks: Can assassins 'dodge' any psychic abilities, what about those with area effects? (people in our group are doing this)

Andy Chambers: No, No.

Khaine@aol.com asks: The Marine shaken rule applies to break tests taken from casualties. What about psychic powers that cause a break test? Do Marines that fail become shaken or broken?

Andy Chambers: Shaken.


James Tisdel jtisdel@hpap63.spd.dsccc.com asks: Do cover to-hit modifiers apply when targeting with the Smasha Gun? The to-hit matrix in the Ork Codex does not specifically account for terrain.

Andy Chambers: No.


Khaine@aol.com asks: Do Snotling spore weapons cause save modifiers?

Andy Chambers: NO.

Khaine@aol.com asks: Are models in sealed armor immune to spore weapons? Seems like they should be.

Andy Chambers: NO.


Khaine@aol.com asks: Would a Malfunction strategy card cause a cyclone to have a catastophic launch, or just be destroyed?

Andy Chambers: It would be more fun if you did it that way.

James Tisdel jtisdel@hpap63.spd.dsccc.com asks: According to the Ork Codex, the Ork Strategy Rating is doubled when determining which force is to move first. If the Ork player draws the "Brilliant Strategy" Strategy Card, which gives him a modified Strategy Rating, is the modified Strategy Rating doubled or is the base Strategy Rating doubled and then the modifier added?

Andy Chambers: The latter.


Tim Huckleberry (tyranid@aol.com), the Net rep from GWUS, sends us these official clarifications:
These are from the latest draft of the Tyranid Codex, but are useful clarfications for all 40K armies & players:
  1. Sustained Fire: You cannot apply hits to anyone not in the squad, vehicle, or character you were targetting. All hits must go against the same target, be that a squad or whatever. No "marching the shots" out of a squad and onto the enemy commander!
  2. On a related note: Sustained Fire hits cannot be applied to anyone in the squad who is in more cover than the original target. So if the target is in the open, you can't apply hits against his buddy 2" away behind the hedge, as he is in soft cover. If you target someone in cover, then hits can be applied to anyone else (subject to #1 above) who is less than or equal cover.


Steve Woodward (Steve_Woodward@hpc600.desk.hp.com) asks: Can Swooping Hawks throw grenades when they land in a drop attack (as opposed to jumping)?

Games Workshop: Yes, as it is considered the same as shooting. They may not, however, use their grenade pack.

Steve adds: The impression here is that this was obvious, though in the rules under Hawk Wings it states grenades may not be used.

Khaine@aol.com asks: If Swooping Hawks fly off-table, do they have to return on the next turn, or can they stay airborne indefinetely?

Andy Chambers: INDEFINITELY.


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) says: The rule specifies that any heavy weapons can choose specific targets (specific in the sense of vehicles and the like) and are not restricted to shooting at the nearest squad. Of course, there must be a LOS.

To which Nicholas Duke (duken@bigdog.engr.arizona.edu replied:

This is a misconception many of us play with, I know, I did it for several months before I very specifically looked it up.

The statement "Heavy weapons can choose specific targets" is incorrect. I'm not flaming anyone (like I said, I did it too!). I just want this to be clear. What it says on page 29 concerning choosing a target is:

Other than these individuals [heroes], ordinary troopers [this is EVERYONE except heroes] must choose the nearest targets with the following exceptions:
1. Any squad or model may ignore vehicles in favor of other targets or other targets in favor of vehicles. In other words, you can shoot the closest vehicle or the closest target that isn't a vehicle.
This means that any model always has one choice to make, i.e. shoot the closest vehicle or the closest non-vehicle.

For example, what this means is that the rules say your war walker cannot shoot the approaching orks if there are closer models of the same type (non-wehicle) -- gretchin, for instance. The only way for your war walker to not shoot the gretchin is for there to be a vehicle behind the gretchin.

I'm very sorry if this seems snippy, but I got burned by this a while back and want to make sure no one else gets burned by it. Thanks for listening.

-- Goff Warlord Zodsnit Snagarot

And Joe Eckhout (Scragg@pinn.net) adds:

100% correct. I looked it up last night and came up with the same conclusions. Additionally, no one (not even characters) can shoot at a character when it is within 2" of a squad of models that are roughly the same size as the character.

I couldn't find the vehicle or heavy weapon target rule in the boxed set rules but I did find it in the DM section under vehicles and support weapon batteries.

And to all of this, Carl C. Nott (cn2b+@andrew.cmu.edu) exclaims:

Is this for real!?!

I've been playing 40k for five years and we never played with this crap. My friends and I would never stoop to the lameness of sticking a Ragnar type guy 2" from some IG and say you can't shoot him. We've always played LOS with Heavy Weapons and pretty much squads as well. You have to shoot the Gretchin if they're all you can see, not because they're closer. I mean, I'd be a helluva lot more worried about the Nobz Mob on Boarz 12" away than the Grots 10" away. Do ya'll actually measure to find out who you shoot? Do you take turns firing each others' troops? What total crap!

I'm not mad at you guys, just astounded at the stupidity of the rules if that's what they actually say. There's no way I'd play that way. Do you have to toss your Vortex grenade on the Grot if he's 4" away and Ghazkull Mag Uruk Thrakka is 5" away? Insanity!

[For the record, I play Orks and IG (separate and together) and have actively played with the second edition at the chapter approved Pegasus books in Portland, OR for the last couple years with no one ever raising a fuss at who I shoot with my Heavy Bolters.]

Nicholas Duke (duken@bigdog.engr.arizona.edu) responds:

Yes, it is for real. That's what the rules say.

It's not that you can't shoot a Ragnar type guy 2" from some IG, but that you might hit the other squad members and must randomize hits amongst the squad and the character.

We do not take turns firing each others troops, thank you very much. We simply agree with the rules, that a typical grunt will fire on the closest threat. It's just done with common sense.

It is usually only important when it comes to heavy weapons, which have enough range to be able to reach almost everyone. While I agree that grot doesn't seem like a threat, other people have posted that three of them can kill a marine. A marine will be well aware of that, and hence will shoot the closest threat.

The rule is not stupid, IMHO. It has been placed there as a compromise between reality and playablity. It can be far fetched either way, to say that troops are either not smart enuogh to gauge the greatest threat, or are unselfish enough to ignore the closest threat. Hence, the rule was instigated to the way it is for play balance.

If troops could shoot whatever they wanted (especially heavy weapons), then it would be easy for people (especially people with lots of heavy weapons and/or high BS skills) to take out all the effective troops of the other player.

I have seen games played your way and, at least here, my orks get slaughtered because the space marine heavy weapons blow away all of my heavy weapons and characters. After that, I have no comparable way to touch them in close combat, no way to hurt their heavily armoured stuff, and no way to make break checks without the characters. It is too easy IMHO to simply blow away everything that's important from long range, because you can pick an individual person out of a mob of 60.

About the vortex grenade business, the rules we are quoting specifically state that they do not apply to characters, unless the character is using a heavy weapon. Therefore, any character throwing a vortex grenade (or using any other suitably devastating weapon that isn't a heavy) can throw or shoot anywhere or anyone they like.

-- Goff Warlord Zodsnit Snagarot

Nathan Haley (nathanh@mcf.roc.wayne.edu) says:

I never found an addendum that forced characters to shoot at squads. As I recall, the rules pretty much stated that characters can do whatever they want (shoot whoever they want) without limitation.

Does that not hold true for characters with heavy weapons?

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) replies:

No (once again). Check Eldar Codex. For all of you who don't buy all Codices (praise ye!) but stick to the rules when you can, mark my words -- a character using a heavy weapon has to conform to the standard targeting rules given for squads (fire at nearest vehicle, or at nearest non-vehicle target).

James Tisdel jtisdel@hpap63.spd.dsccc.com asks: In the following illustration, the Ork is armed with a bolt gun and the Gretchin is armed with an autogun. The Gretchin does not block line of sight from the Ork to the Space Marine. The Gretchin is between the Ork and Space Marine. If the Space Marine is armed with a bolt gun, may he fire on the Ork or must he fire on the Gretchin?

                                    G = Gretchin
                         _O_______  M = Marine
      ____M____________G_| 1" hill  O = Ork

Andy Chambers: Gretchin, because it's closer.


Steve Woodward (Steve_Woodward@hpc600.desk.hp.com) asks: Can a Teleport Jammer effect Warp spiders / Warp jump (Card)?

Games Workshop: No. There is a difference between warp jumping and Teleporting.


Tim Huckleberry (tyranid@aol.com), the Net rep from GWUS, sends us these official clarifications:

This is from the latest draft of the Tyranid Codex, but is a useful clarfication for all 40K armies & players:

If you (a non-character) are firing a template or blast marker weapon it has to be fired at the closest unit and it would have to be placed so that most of the models hit were out of that target unit. The blast marker or template clipping another unit just behind or to the side of the closest unit is acceptable; clipping the closest unit on the way to sneakily hit the unit behind it is not. For example, firing a flamer so that the target behind the first target is from another unit, or a character. If that's the only way that it can come out then it's OK, but specially positioning the template so that you are in effect targetting another unt is not.


Khaine@aol.com asks: Can Terminators (champions or otherwise) ride bikes, discs, juggers, etc. (basically any mount)?

Andy Chambers: No.

Khaine@aol.com asks: Are Terminator characters restricted from using any wargear cards?

Andy Chambers: Only those that are specifically restricted to one race, otherwise they can use any wargear cards.


Toh Yung Cheong (


Toh Yung Cheong (law10031@leonis.nus.sg) asks: If characters fire vehicle weapons, what targetting rules?

Doug Lister: Nearest target.


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) complains:

I strongly contest the 'vehicle squads' and 'support battery' rules. Why? Because it is utterly stupid to mix different weapons, or different vehicles, together without checking their compatibility first!

Example 1: As a Space Marine player, you've bought a Land Speeder, a Predator, and 1 bike. Official Rule: you have to make a squad with that. So, basically, you lose the special advantages of the bike and land speeder.

Example 2: You play Eldar, and have bought a number of support weapons: Scatter Laser, Lascannon, D-Cannon. You have to make a battery with all of them, even though they don't have the same tactical deployment, the same efficiency at various ranges, the same role...

I oppose the rule because it is contrary to common tactical sense. In a skirmish game like 40K, the 'vehicle platoon' and 'weapon battey' is a myth. if you add stupidity to that myth, it becomes utterly unbearable.

Jason P. Rote (libjpr@acad2.ac.edu) explains:

If you check the Dark MIllenium rules, you will see that vehicle squadrons are formed by vehicles costing less than 100 pts, and troop transports can be omitted. (I am not sure about that last part.)

Soooo, the Predator and Land Speeder, both costing more than 100 pts, do not have to be included in a vehicle squadron. Many orc and squat vehicles cost less than 100 pts (In fact, I think they all may), and would have to be put in squadrons of at least 3 vehicles.

Also, vehicles which are bought as a unit (such as Eldar jet-bike squadrons) do not have to be put in vehicle squadrons (they already are).

-- Commander Montoya of the Ultramarines

Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) counters:

Yes, I know about the 100-pt rule. Which makes no more sense than the vehicle squad rule, if I might add. Why would two warbikes, a battlewagon and a wartrak be constrained by stupid and anti-tactical squad coherency rules while three Predators wouldn't?

As for the Eldar jetbikes, you can buy them as squadrons (guardians, scouts, pirates, harlequins), but you can also buy them as individual vehicles with Vypers. They are in the Support section, and not only because you need their template... The difference is that you can buy almost as many squadron-bound bikes as you wish (they count as squads), while you are limited to 50% for global support (Dreads, grav weapons, War walkers, vypers, and jetbikes).

Note that I don't mind mixing Vypers and jetbikes, as both vehicle types are roughly similar from a tactical POV, the Vyper being a heavier, more armed, two-man version.

But mixing bikes with rhinos, or scatter lasers with lascannons? Never.

As someone else said, the rule should be modified: all vehicles and support weapons must follow this rule (whatever their cost), but only if their general tactical role and abilities are similar.

For instance, you take a Land Raider and a Rhino. Their tac. role is very different, you don't have to make a squad with them. OTOH, Land Raider and Predator might be another story (I don't remember the speeds and weapon ranges, thus the 'might'). You can keep a land speeder and a bike separate, but you must attach two landspeeders into a single squadron...

OTOH, I strongly suggest to relax the squad coherency rule for vehicle platoons: use the 'dispersed formation' rule (4" squad coherency distance), as their movement allowance is usually much higher.

Adam Conus (a-adamc@microsoft.com) writes:

I thought the squad coherancy for vehicles was 6" and you could break up your squads if you wanted to, but any vehicles out of formation at the end of the game were considered destroyed for the purposes of VP's.

Also, the way we do things is that orcs have to put their vehicles in squadrons reguardless of what particular vehicles they have, but everybody else only has to put LIKE vehicles together.

(This was a rule explained to me by an Orc player at a convention. I've never looked it up but until reading this, I just accepted it as THE RULES. I don't play with vehicles that are less than 100 pts.)


Luc Maillet (maillet@madres.cert.fr) says: Engage and Destroy is a very powerful card that tends to unbalance the game. In almost every game we have played, the player with this card has easily won the game. It could be toned down a bit by not allowing the extra bonus points for killing characters. We were also wondering about the validity of both a 13-point Ork nob and a 190-point Marine librarian being worth the same victory points. Perhaps it could be one victory point per 50 or per 100 points that the figure is worth?

Andy Chambers: Dark Millenium contains an expanded V.P. chart to cover this. 50 points or less + no V.P.

Khaine@aol.com asks: Daemons are not listed under characters or squads, but under 'Daemons'. What are Daemons considered to be for victory-points purposes?

Andy Chambers: Greater Daemons are considered characters and squads of lesser daemons are considered squads.

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