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This vital extension to the original game includes:

Expanded Background Material
Full explanations of the Solaric Rebel period, Colonial period, initial Kryomek encounters, Glindex Fork campaign, the Karanada Incident, the Kryomek Counter-Attack and subsequent Great Rebellion.
Army Lists
Guidelines for creating forces for any of the detailed historical campaigns, including Great Swarm Kryomek.
Army list for Kryomek 2nd Swarm
Points System
New system allows players to construct balanced scenarios.
Points list for human vehicles
Revised Stats
Stats for every unit in the game, revising those listed in the original rules, and adding many new unit types.
Stats list for human vehicles
New Units
Including Beta and Gamma strain Kryomek, Drones (Human-Kryomek hybrids), Swarmmasters, jet bikes, twisters (landing capsules), and the Talos T62 MS Cybernetic Battle Unit.
New Rules
Covering human rebels, cyclos (neural-regulated convicts), snipers, quadruped striders, twisters, jet cycles, Cybernetic Battle Units (CBU's), vehicular passengers, beta and gamma strain Kryomek, transomatic artillery and serumic pipes, Kryomek ballistae, Swarmmasters, Drones. New rules for collisions and overruns. New weapon categories and vehicle mountings. Updates to the Morale, Close Combat, Armour rules. Optional rules for evasion and opportunity fire.
Contents 88-page rulebook (lavishly illustrated)
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Designers Ricardo Pinto, R.C. Gillon-Fergusson
Publisher First edition published 1994 by Kryomek USA and Kryomek Holdings LTD

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