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Brief Description

Contains basic figures and introductory rules, enough to get one started playing Kryomek. Includes three mini-scenarios: Here, Kitty Kitty (hunting aliens in a ruined factory), Cause We're Expendable, That's Why (Cyclos must clear out Kyromek rearguard in rough terrain), Kryomek Football (two Kryomek teams fight for control of a stunned Warmaster). (Most scenarios require additional figures.)


Boxed set includes:

  • 12 sheets of introductory rules
  • one acetate template sheet (templates must be cut apart)
  • a scenario/record sheet
  • a 20-sided die
  • Kryomek miniatures

Three different Starter Sets are available, differing in the miniatures which come with the set:

box sticker, identifying type of Starter Set

KRP-004Kryomek Combined Starter Set - both Nexus (human) and Kryomek (alien) figures
KRP-005Kryomek Nexus Starter Set - human figures
KRP-006Kryomek Starter Set - alien figures
Publisher Copyright 1994, manufactured and distributed by Simtac

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