Corps Command Rules

Brief Description

Battle module within the Corps Command "set" of rules. Rules are intended to be fast playing and of intermediate difficulty level. A strong command control system limits players' ability to order units. Rather than simultaneous combat, the rules use an initiative system. Extensive national leader and troop type ratings. Two scenarios are included.

Ground Scale
6mm Scale1" = 80 yards
15mm Scale1" = 40 yards
25mm Scale 1" = 32 yards
Time Scale Each tactical turn represents "an approximate amount of time anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours"
Figure Scale
Foot Battalion12 castings (50-90 men per infantry casting)
Cavalry Regiment8 castings (40-75 cavalrymen per casting)
Artillery Battery
(4 guns)
1 gun model
1 artillerist per actual gun
(1 artillery battery per gun model)
Miniature ScalesWritten for 25mm or 30mm figures, with conversions given for 6mm and 15mm
Suggested Mounting System
Troop TypeFigures per StandStand Size
15mm scale25mm scale
Line Foot4 (2 in front, 2 behind)¾" wide by 1" deep1¼" wide by 1¾" deep
Skirmishers3 (randomly placed)
Line Horse
Mounted Skirmishers
21" wide by 1" deep1¾" wide by 1¾" deep
Artillery1 gun model
four artillerist castings
1" wide by 1¼"
or as deep as necessary
1¾" wide by 2" deep
Leaders1-3+ (by rank)none given
"These rules were designed with some care toward the gamer as I do not...ask all of you that already have figures for this glorious period to rebase. As long as both sides use the same basing for the figures, your games will be just fine."

A detailed description is also available.

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