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The Hârn Mailing List This is a mailing list for those interested in the World of Hârn. To subscribe, send e-mail to LISTSERV@MITVMA.MIT.EDU with "subscribe HARN-L Your Name" in the body.
Publisher's BattleLust Website Includes description of the game.
Rules Clarifications A web page devoted to answering questions about BattleLust.
Criticisms Of BattleLust A detailed look at BattleLust, with an emphasis on its historical accuracy and consistency with previously published Hârnic material.
Hârn Web Page A web page devoted to Hârn in general. Now hosted at the publisher's website.
Panu Rissanen's web page for Hârn I'm told this is now a Finnish mirror of the page listed above.
BattleLust Web Page At the Hârn website above, but this link goes directly to links to a Lotus 1-2-3 generator (can anyone tell me what this does? I don't do 1-2-3) and a combat roster in MS Excel (both zipped and stuffed, apparently a Mac Excel file).
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Last Updates
14 September 1999page redesigned
4 September 1999page split off
15 March 1998Harnpage finds new home
9 April 1997links updated - Hârn Web Page moves,
Finnish website turns into an ex-mirror site,
and the Hârn Web Page now has a BattleLust subpage
1 April 1997reorganized
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