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These are the miniatures rules for the Hârnmaster fantasy role-playing game system. This is a skirmish-level game -- infantry companies (about 20 men) and cavalry squadrons (10 men) confront each other on the battlefield. Based on historical medieval warfare. Does not include magic unless the Hârnmaster supplements are used. Rules are easy to learn.

Period Fantasy or medieval
Scale Tactical. Ground scale depends on the figures being used -- 1" is 5 feet with 25mm figures, or 10 feet with 15mm figures. Each figure represents an individual soldier. Time scale is 10 seconds per turn.
Basing Designed for use with 25mm or 15mm figures. All figures are individually based; 1" bases (square, round, or hexagonal) are recommended for most figures.
Contents Plastic folder contains 64-page rulebook, 70 pre-generated warrior cards, 30 blank data cards, 2 reference sheets, 2 clear plastic "roster wallets" (has pockets to hold the data cards), poster-sized map of Hârn. The cards must be cut apart.
Designers N. Robin Crossby, Tom Dalgliesh, Eric Hotz
Publisher First edition 1992 by Columbia Games, Inc.

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